The Oracle Awakens, Infinite Permission embodied

Infinite Permission creators Mellissae Lucia & Wendy Mulhern

Infinite Permission creators Mellissae Lucia & Wendy Mulhern

Deeply transformative initiations take time to integrate. So I am finally settling in to share about a pivotal event a couple of weeks ago. On February 2nd, my Oracle awakened through exploring the themes in the new book, Infinite Permission, by Wendy Mulhern and myself. It was the coming out ball for this new work questioning all of our ideas about identity, purpose, body image, and personal liberation. With a band of brave explorers we created a container filled with dance, ritual, music, divination, poetry, and my shrouded Oracle awakening on her high seat.

Oracle Mellissae Lucia ShroudedHipstaSmallWM

From Caryn Love, dancer, dreamer, and temple maker the night of the performance:

Great job…It all came thru real, right on and in truth.  Glad I was able to witness.  No more masks required for any of us!

And more the next morning from Caryn:

That was magnificent! It was really magnificent last night to watch and witness friends and all of the depictions of the truth, and it was even more magnificent this morning to feel it running back in to me, and nudging the evolution of my conscious today. Bless you all.

Mellissae Lucia

No more masks required.

This was a big step for me to publicly, and openly, channel my Oracle of Initiation cards. I have done this privately in ceremonies, in workshops and divination readings, and to write the messages of the cross-cultural guardians in the Oracle book, but never for an unknown crowd. Wendy invited me to collaborate on her first collection of poetry because she saw the same “raw honesty, surrender, and receptivity” in my Painted Body ritualistic photography series as is entailed in her poetry writing.

Mellissae Lucia

The Painted Body process in the New Mexico desert was my fiercely honest, receptive surrender to embodying my own infinite permission. I was alone, and nude, dancing with the elements as the camera captured the dissolution of my “Self.” It was my descent into full-bodied erotic freedom that is feared and vilified in our fractured culture.

Mellissae Lucia

Publicly coming out as a living, breathing Oracle was my next step in trusting my own journey of getting out-of-the-way and allowing Spirit to work though me. The event was the circling around again to the beginning when I did not trust that I would be met in my artistic and spiritual processes, grappling with my fears about safety and protection, and insecurity about how I would be able to show up. This Infinite Permission event blew through all of those feelings again, and then offered the deep satisfaction of being met and showing up fully and authentically. Such a gift.

Mellissae Lucia

The inspiration for the Oracle upon the “high seat” is from my Norse shamanic heritage. The Scandinavian Sami diviners, the volvas, would travel the land offering their services as a vessel between the worlds. The process, sedr, as it is translated from the old texts has the volva sitting on a chair upon a table shrouded. She has a staff in her hand, and in the four directions sacred singers carry her back and forth between the worlds. This has always been deeply inspiring, and I saw myself in the position when visioning the event.

Kiymbah shrouding the Oracle

Kiymbah shrouding the Oracle

Below are some of the intimate moments from the creation of this event.

Big love to Virginia Carhart Haedt and her exuberant explosion of joy from the poem  Epiphany; Bruce Haedt with his soulful Soul Retrieval piece; Maryann Schumacher and her soaring vocalizations; Kiymbah Tytania’s glorious headdresses & costumes and oracular wisdom; Kenny Telesco’s powerful force claiming All I Want; Edward Mulhern’s indigenous drum beats accompanying the Painted Body slide shows, and his AV wizardry; Sarah Zabel as stage manager extraordinaire; and Will Sugg, guardian, sacred crown creator, and dedicated video man. And big love to all who experienced this magical undertaking with us, such a beautiful coming together. Mellissae Lucia IMG_0525 copy IMG_0538 copy IMG_0570 copy IMG_0578 copy photo-9 copy photo-12 copy photo-17 copy photo-19 copy photo-25 copy photo-27 copy photo-28 copy

Vdash copy

Mellissae Lucia


To order the Infinite Permission book go to:

All images copyright Mellissae Lucia 2013


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  1. kenny telesco
    February 18, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    Huzzah !


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