Beltane at Flying Pig Expressive Arts Ranch


The wild revelry of Beltane this year was filled with families, horses, Maypoles and magic. Ceremonialist Coleen Renee and Flying Pig Expressive Arts Ranch steward Nan Doolittle hosted a wonderful May Day celebration on Nan’s enchanted land in Ellensburg.


About Nan Doolittle’s Flying Pig Expressive Arts Ranch:

The Flying Pig is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment in which individuals, families, and communities can fully express themselves in healthy and creative ways via the Expressive Arts.

The Expressive Arts are expansive and limitless. They consist of multiple arts modalities, including creative writing, visual arts, movement and dance, music, storytelling, poetry, ceremony, drama, mythology, and play.


Weaving together many of the expressive art modalities mentioned above, our multigenerational group honored the holiday with passion and glee. Historically,  Beltane marks the beginning of summer on the ancient turning of the seasonal wheel. It was a time to “feed” the land for a rich harvest, and  the King and Queen “came” together on the land to bless the growing crops.




As part of the celebration we were honored to have Nan’s two horses Red and Fox partake in some of the rituals, offering their solid presence to be adorned with paint and handmade wreaths. The gentle reverence everyone brought to decorating of the horses was incredible. There is something deeply sacred about the alliances horses make with us, and the power of that connection was a reminder of our true kinship with the earth and animals.





A large portion of the group was one big extended family, grandparent to wee ones.  Watching them all interact, I was reminded of how community is meant to work, all the members seamlessly flowing together to tend to the children, engage with the joyful project at hand, and ultimately enjoy each other.


The Maypole was a beautiful communal effort, and these photos will tell the story better than words.




Beltane’s passion bit me, and I have been so caught up in my next project it took me a couple of weeks to sit and write this post. Here is a teaser image of my happy productivity.

Mellissae Lucia

Big Blessing on Beltane’s  inspiring energy, and to all the projects we are feeding to come into their fullness.


On a practical note, Nan has a wonderful studio space for rent on her property in the rolling farmlands of Ellensburg, so if you need space to create, email her at:

  2 comments for “Beltane at Flying Pig Expressive Arts Ranch

  1. Mary
    May 21, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Wonderful recap of a day I will not miss next year! Thank you


  2. May 21, 2013 at 3:39 am

    Wonderful influence you have had touching the heart, mind, and soul of so many and emphasizing the bond we all have with nature and one another. I just viewed the tragedy in More, OK, and it captivated my heart and underscored my spiritual connection with those who are suffering the devistation.


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