The Story Catcher’s Journey-Why it is essential that we create new templates

Story Catcher and traveling Bard Coleen Renee

Story Catcher and traveling Bard Coleen Renee

The stories we tell create our reality. The myths, dreams, and visions that we carry shape our future. In times gone past we had dedicated roles for our myth makers and cultural critiquers; they were the Celtic Bards, the African Griots, the ones who helped us navigate being human. They told the stories that explained the seasons and death, that gave deep meaning to the names we gave our children, and prodded the rulers when they were out of balance. They were the guardians listening deeply to the pulse of our communal existence, and brought the sacred into our everyday lives. They carried the wit of a comedian, the rebelliousness of the trickster, the integrity of an Elder, the wisdom of a scholar,  the ceremonial power of a shaman, and the perceptive abilities to weave together what was with what could be. They were the vision carriers for a New Reality, and they were essential to our communities sustainability and cohesiveness.

In modern times we have Oprah and Ellen, Dave Matthews and Jay Z, talk show hosts, celebrities, and bloggers who have become the modern definers of “reality.” The media and technology control a large portion of our inner band width, and their version of the “truth” holds great power. Many of these informational channels are divorced from a deep sense of the sacred. Their main goal is the bottom line, economic gain alienated from a larger sense of responsibility, honor, and love for our culture as a whole.

We need to reclaim the power of healing stories. We need the wise ones who are able to listen to the subtle messages on the wind, the ones who can translate the language of our hearts, the ones who can carry such a large vision of the beauty of humanity that we are all able to become part of a new template for civilization.

Coleen Renee is one of these wise ones. Her entire life has trained her to listen to the resonances in our words, to analyze the systems we have created in our modern world, to see the integration available when an experience is redefined, and to open our hearts to living lives that feed and enrich ourselves and each other. She is stepping into the world as a gatherer of new stories for all of us, and we have the opportunity to create the world we desire through supporting her vital service. Coleen has created an Indiegogo campaign to fund her cross-country quest to specific sacred sites, gathering, integrating, and sharing the ancient knowledge these power spots carry. We all need new tales to carry us through these turbulent times, and Coleen Renee is one of those creating the new template. Click here to visit her campaign:

  2 comments for “The Story Catcher’s Journey-Why it is essential that we create new templates

  1. July 12, 2013 at 7:06 am

    Fellow visionary! Mellissae, thank you for your beautiful words of support and your keen ability to see straight to the heart – and the core – of sacred work. I am delighted to be walking this world in such co-creative company. Together – and only together – we can create anything! We live in a time in history with exceptional opportunities for creating, claiming, reclaiming… fashioning the Universe. Let’s play! ~Coleen


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