My Fun Family: Exquisite Corpse and Barbie Carnage

IMG_4195Boy do I have a fun family. Last night we made artistic mayhem with the surrealist’s party game exquisite corpse that has a group of images or words mashed up by different people. We did portraits of all involved, and they turned out incredible. It is such fun to fold the paper in separate sections, one for each person playing, and then have each person draw part of something from the lines of the previous drawers offering. The previous contributors image is hidden so you are just continuing their perspective, but exploring your own impulses. You never know what you will end up with, and that’s the joy.

My father Dick, brother Ray, cousin Leela, boyfriend Will and I each gave it our best in the wild patchwork of different inspirations. I also got Leela, Ray and Will to rip the arms and legs off Barbie dolls I have collected for my most recent project. It was so much fun to hear them grunting and squealing as they struggles to dismember the iconic dolls. We all wondered how small children are actually able to pull off the appendages when we adults had to double up for some of the plastic doll pull a apart. 
mellissae.Lucia.exquisite.corpseIMG_4189 mellissae.lucia.exquisite.corpseIMG_4190 IMG_4177IMG_4191 IMG_4192IMG_4180 IMG_4193 IMG_4194Mellissae.LuciaIMG_4172 IMG_4182

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