Dark Mother Workshop Triumph


The Dark Mother Workshop in Seattle was a glorious kick off to my journey back to New Mexico. The desert Southwest was the place I met the Dark Mother in a profound way through creating the Oracle of Initiation deck in subterranean graffiti tunnels, so it was only fitting that a juicy weekend of divination and circle work with the Oracle send me on my way. I call the gathering a triumph because there was an ease, and embodied knowing within myself that was the fulfillment of many years of dreams.


As a younger woman with intense empath sensitivities I felt whipped around by everyone else’s energy fields. I was the localized weather vane for whatever emotions were  pulsing through everyone in my sphere. It took me into my thirties, with a ton of work and training to become more self-referenced. I still feel the earth shifts and vibes of certain people and locations more strongly than is comfortable, but it is also the greatest gift because such subtle impulses create my art. I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.

The Not Me box!!!!!!

The Not Me box!!!!!!

The mirror of the Dark Mother workshop was that I knew I held a beautiful container for the women, and I could allow the process without feeling overly invested in taking care of the participants or being the expert/guru. {That could be a much longer post about no more gurus and ones offering to others really being your own experiences and wisdom carried in your eyes and presence}. Part of what can happen when we grow up with such an acute awareness of those around us is getting our desires for safety and approval all mixed up in tracking other people. The hyper-vigilance of a child in a chaotic/confusing environment can create all sorts of coping mechanisms that carry on into adulthood. I saw during the workshop that I had finally released my need to rescue and placate those around me so I would be liked/safe. This is true freedom, to be able to show up and meet those around you, while holding your own center.


So big, bright blessing to all the gorgeous, bad-ass women who showed up to meet the Dark Mother. She really is the great liberator, and I love her. Below are some Hare in the Moon astrology screen captures from Facebook the day before and of the workshop. She spoke directly to where we were going, “deep sea divers…plowing the great silences… searching for glimmering glory; the glory of our own true essence embodied.

Hare in the Moon astrology

Hare in the Moon astrology

Hare in the Moon astrology

Hare in the Moon astrology

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