Nu Shooz Dreams-I Can’t Wait & Blessed Solstice to All

Nu Shooz with death as sacred ally

Nu Shooz with death as sacred ally

Nu Shooz- I can’t wait 1986:

Lets get this party started right with an awesome 1980s dance tune that reflects a series of dreams I have been having recently about receiving new shoes.

Some of the DreamTime PlayHaus posse

Some of the DreamTime PlayHaus posse

The solstice is upon us, the ultimate seasonal DreamTime of introspection, and our chance to slow down and reflect on what has occurred over the previous year. 2013 was a major turning point for me, from coming out of a year and a half void late this spring, and diving right into a new passion project that I am completely in love with (DreamTime PlayHaus). The dreams of the new shoes are really timely because I have moved through so many gateways of integration that I am now able to meet the circus of life much more resiliently; a miracle it tis.


The dreams have been really cool, from glass maestro Dale Chihuly offering me a new clothing wardrobe at a gallery opening, and then finding some hip, balsa-wood mens styled dress-shoes that fit like a glove, to being offered some Asian looking TOMS philanthropic shoes, and realizing I already have some stylish espadrilles on that fit fantastically and are very solid for walking in. If you know anything about espadrilles, they are extremely preppy shoes, the heighth of casual chic, with woven rope soles and sloppy canvas uppers. They go beautifully with your gaudy Lily Pulitzer resort wear dresses, and have zero arch support and are extremely difficult to keep on your feet. So for the dream to highlight the solidity and functionality of the shoes was a fascinating juxtaposition.


In another shoe dream recently I am with a friend in a major transition and I am carrying a box of my entire shoe life from cowboy boots to sexy high heels. From that box of footwear goodness falls a simple, classy, blue leather ballet flat, an interesting one for the Dream Spirits to highlight beyond the Doc Martens and the *perfect* black, alligator Jackie Kennedy-ish Ferragamos. I got those supple navy blue numbers at TJ Maxx last year for 70% off, and they remind me of the self confidence and dignity of France’s first lady, Carla Bruni, who rocks flats to highbrow events. Why not be comfortable while being a gorgeous ambassador to the world. Queens need practicality too. Its a good day in my book when I can make a connection between my inner world and the independent, sexy, mysterious, rock star dating Ms. Bruni.

Khoisan Angel-Revealing from DreamTime PlayHaus

Khoisan Angel-Revealing from DreamTime PlayHaus

In another I had on 1970s inspired thick,wooden high-heeled Cole Haan boots, and this morning I was on a quest where I found my one missing nylon 1970s tennis shoes and made sure a teenage girl’s single shoe would not be buried under an avalanche of sand. I love how the DreamTime has such personal symbolism, and mine is crystal clear from the range of references above.


We are in enormously transformative times, and we are all being asked to walk in new ways. To release the old stories, transmute the old Karma, and take charge of our own destines so our sacred gifts can enrich the collective. I challenge you to discern if the shoes you are currently wearing are really the ones you wish to walk in. There is that quote about knowing where you are going before you invite anyone along, and my practical Capricorn moon would add knowing what footwear you may need for the journey. All of our lives are a sacred quest to whole-ness, and deciphering the signpost and landmarks within your unique sole-ful terrain is one of the most magical parts of our incarnation. Tell me what your dream shoes are to waltz through the beauty and intensity of these unique times, and I can’t wait to see how enchanted we all are parading in our own shoes!!


I offer you some images of the emerging new series, DreamTime PlayHaus, a hip hoppin’ romp through magical worlds with ancient goddesses and gods breaking down contemporary myths, and some deliciously surreal images of the holy family in a watery crèche. Life is absurd and achingly beautiful. Glad were all here.

  2 comments for “Nu Shooz Dreams-I Can’t Wait & Blessed Solstice to All

  1. December 23, 2013 at 3:54 am

    Jabu, sister of my heart, may we dance along this magic path together in fabulously comfortable goddess shoes!!


  2. Jabulile Dayton
    December 22, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Wow! Nicely written, thank you! Lately I have cleared my closet of all my fancy designer high heeled shoes (that hurt my feet) and decided only to wear shoes that make my feet feel great – regardless of the event! I have stuck to this despite black tie and office holiday events where I wish to impress. Flat they maybe but these are no “old lady shoes”, my speakers have camouflage and hot pink laces or two toned ballet shoes with a sexy pointed toe or black biker boots with an attitude! Let us walk on these new paths with confidence, ever ready to dance or run, should the mood over take us! Blessings!


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