Everyone loves a spectacle-Seahawks Superbowl parade today

Such a momentous occasion. The city showed up in full force to honor our modern-day gladiators for their successful battle in the contemporary NFL arena. It was wild to see how enchanted the fans were, gleaming and cheering in blue and green as the cavalcade of players rolled by. Everyone clicking pictures and taking video, including the players themselves; it felt as if we had all created a mass-hysteria vision, and in order for it to be real we needed proof.  Here are a few of my favorite images, it was so great to be standing in the freezing cold, warmed by bright sun as the Monorail glided overhead. Even though I am not a huge sports fan myself, this was really cool to see the locals bring out some bravado and allow their natural childlike glee to shine. Lets keep this sunny disposition going Seattle even when the drizzle returns.

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