Desert waterfall baptism from melting snow

A great gift from the snow melt cascading over the cliffs in Eastern Washington
A great gift from the snow melt cascading over the cliffs in Eastern Washington

Yesterday I was gifted with a Water Spirit initiation. New beginning are in the works for me, becoming a rover again, heading off for more sun. I went out to my favorite jaunt along Highway 10 between Ellensburg and Cle Elum, and as I walked along the train tracks in the blazing sun I saw a delicious waterfall up on the ridge beckoning me forth. I ambled up the embankment, crossed the road, and climbed up the roaring stream. The temperature had changed very quickly over here in the arid landscape, so the snow covered hills were releasing their torrents of water back into the rivers.

Yakima River
Yakima River

As I carefully made my way up the slippery rock pile I heard “baptize yourself.” I must have needed confirmation because it played over in my thoughts multiple times. I have no problem with disrobing on the land and becoming elemental after doing 40 rounds of my Painted Body series, so this looked like a really good time in my eyes.

Cosmic birthing below the waterfall with my beloved Hipstamatic
Cosmic birthing below the waterfall with my beloved Hipstamatic

After the Water Spirit blessing I took a series of Hipstamatic images that look like the beginning of the universe. Such a glorious time. Later I was combing through the descriptions  of my Painted Body ritualistic photography series on the land and came upon the blog post about Lyric Kali and my blood red Water Spirit initiations in New Mexico. That was another incredible day being engulfed by water in a typically arid climate. Check it out:


This morning, the day after the joyful plunge I went on Facebook and saw the quote for the Hare in the Moon astrology post by Lorna Bevin, and look at the Rumi quote! The synchronicities are amping up my friends. Blessings on meeting the spontaneous, potentially earthen initiations that are calling you to move onto your next phase of trans-for-mation!!

Lorna Bevan's Hare in the Moon astrology on Facebook
Lorna Bevan’s Hare in the Moon astrology on Facebook

IMG_1935 IMG_1942 IMG_1964 IMG_2002

3 Replies to “Desert waterfall baptism from melting snow”

  1. Dear one, it would be an honor to grace the cover of your book. I was just thinking of the name of it the other day, so magical and evocative while earthened and solid. Like you! Xx M


  2. M,these pics are incredulous (both incredible and fabulous!).  I was looking through them again today and the very last one on the left might just be the perfect cover art for my novel.  What do you think?  “Spiraling Past” – the pic really evokes to me time layering and waiting and longing.  Would you be willing to let me use it?See you soon.Much love,Coleen”There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou What’s Your Story Wanting to be Revealed?Coleen Renee, CSH has a specific brilliance in hearing the story in the body, on the land and in our lives.  She is available for Healing Sessions, Private Readings (in person/via phone), Classes, Inspirational Speaking, & Storytelling. Call her at 509-312-0220. Visit her at


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