Columbia River Released

I am completely enchanted by the Columbia River since she has recently been returned to her natural flow.  Two weeks ago a serious crack was discovered in the Wanapum dam south of Vantage, and they had to release a huge amount of water to lessen the pressure while they repair the 65-foot-long crack below the waterline. The river is now 24 feet lower than it was 2 weeks ago, its lowest level since they erected the dam 50 years ago.

Thank you my river-singing-sister Coleen Renee for insisting that I go and feel how she was without being backed up. There is an an expansive peace to her presence now, and I cannot get enough of it. I wish it would stay this way, but we are hungry for power, so at some point these huge sand bars and tempting quicksand beaches will return to their watery underworld. Go see it if you are in Eastern Washington, and enjoy my Hipstamatic photos of the scenery.

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