Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign from the Beginning Part 1: Vision-The Social Artists


#AnatomyofCrowdfunding Mellissae Lucia Oracle of Initiation

“The Social Artist is one who brings the focus, perspective, tireless dedication and fresh vision of the artist to the social arena. She or he seeks innovative solutions to troubling conditions, is a lifelong learner ever hungry for insights, imaginative ideas and deeper understanding of present-day issues. The Social Artist learns to think like a planetary citizen; to appreciate cultures and cultural stories and myths, while searching for the emergence of a new story, a new myth.” Jean Houston


Crowdfunding is a complete revolution in how we support the things we value, and is a powerful instrument for societal change. Social Artists are the modern-myth-makers, leading the way in reframing how we gather and use resources. Journey with me over the next three months as I design and implement my own campaign for printing the new edition of my Oracle of Initiation divination deck. This is the second campaign I have been part of, and I am on fire about the potential for crowdfunding to build vibrant tribes of joyful collaborators re-enchanting the world.

Deluxe Oracle of Initiation deck & book

Deluxe Oracle of Initiation deck & book


One of the  essential components I would add to the Social Artists’ qualities above is the necessity of joy. Joy is the magnetic, wonder-filled energy that comes from our authentic self. At it’s core, crowdfunding is a sincere, open-hearted offering of our unique visions as a gift to the collective.  It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to reach out with your precious gifts and see if anyone else wants to play. And through crowdfunding successes we are seeing that an enormous amount of people do want to play. So how do we get together on the new paradigm playground and create the world of our dreams?

My friend and colleague, Coleen Renee recently posted this brilliant perspective on joy overcoming fear on Facebook:

“Joy is not always a loud emotion, but it is a very strong one. It is stronger than fear, anger, sorrow and rage. It can infuse fear – like when you really want to do something but it’s scary. When you let the joy run along side of the fear, joy will overtake it. Fear is not interested in staying around. Fear simply wants to be heard. Hear the message of fear, but follow the joy.”  Coleen Renee

The crowdfunding revolution is about claiming the power of joy over fear, and using our combined intent as planetary citizens to co-create innovative solutions that will dream us out of the scarcity model into authentic abundance for all.

My plan is to welcome you into both the practical and profound aspects of this process, being as transparent as possible about the ups and the downs of this experience as I can be. There are shadow aspects to anything this innovative, and also anything having this much potential to reach people will draw some lacking in integrity. I shall weave in articles, quotes, theories, videos, case studies, interviews and anything else I can get my hands on the help us all explore this burgeoning new social economy.

To start with the honesty right here, it’s not actually THE beginning, I am about a month and a half  into planning it, but the Muses only gave me this idea for the Blogs recently, so we work with what we’ve got when we’ve got it. Over the next three months I will welcome you into an intimate view of an evolving campaign as I plan, execute, and revel in my accomplishments for my forthcoming Indiegogo launch to have one-thousand of my Oracle of Initiation divination decks printed Tarot-size at an accessible price. I have been selling the limited edition, Deluxe decks for four years now, and the deck wants to take it to another level.

Deluxe and new Tarot-size (mock-up) Oracle of Initiation cards

Deluxe and new Tarot-size (mock-up) Oracle of Initiation cards


Join me in this magical journey into the heart and soul of a crowdfunding campaign to learn how you too might fund that next vision that is your unique offering to the collective.

The Oracle of Initiation new Tarot-Sized edition at $44 Indiegogo Campaign is live now, 5-20-14 to 6-21-14. That an $11 savings off the retail price after the campaign with shipping!

The Burning Serpent Oracle

The Burning Serpent Oracle

Next installment 

The next post will be an interview with three-time crowdfunding success Robert Place. His campaigns for his own Tarot decks have raised an average of 250% over his initial goals. His current campaign for The Burning Serpent Oracle on Indiegogo which ends April 24th, 2014 is currently at $22, 412, 249% of his target of $9,000.

A technology note

Part of my own preparation process for my campaign has been to integrate my online presences. Currently MK Barr, my technology goddess and I have been working very hard to get my Oracle website gorgeously updated. We are also finishing up my umbrella website, so if you go to check the Oracle site out, some portions are not updated yet.



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