Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign Part 8: Launched now! with Technology Tricksters


Classic, totally classic. Right after I finished the earlier blog post this morning, and did one last run through the campaign page, access to the Indiegogo site stopped. It is ending up as HTML, or not even loading at all. Classic. And I wonder if this was to make sure that this was a communal effort, so MK was the one who actually pushed the button at 9:01am to send the campaign off. We are LIVE folks, and you may be one of the first people to get the new Tarot-sized edition of The Oracle of Initiation deck for only $44, an $11 saving off the retail price after the campaign is over. Here are the links, they should both work, but I am adding the short link and the big, unruly link just in case. Technology Trickers are about!

New Tarot-sized prototype next to the Deluxe size available now

New Tarot-sized prototype next to the Deluxe size available now

And in the midst of all of this, some of you have been commenting on my earlier post this morning, and I got this…

Submitted on 2014/05/20 at 4:58 pm

Don’t know you Mellissae…just happened to stumble upon you through Facebook ironically….just saw that today is your big Launch Date….I just said a Prayer for You..that You would Be Filled with Peace and Light and Infectious Vibration today, and that the right people would be present and compelled to step up and play kickball with you….God Is Working it All Out Divinely. Blessings to You on Your Adventurous and Courageous Journey !

Life is so astonishing. Crowdsourcing is really about receiving, and I get to upgrade my ability to allow and embrace now, from people I don’t yet know, and it has just begun. Bless you Lacey from the quote above!!!

Limited edition books for the campaign

Limited edition books for the campaign

A few other synchronicities to add, because its fun, and in the midst of all the intense transformations we are undergoing, it would be helpful to expand our capacity for joy. Last night I saw my beloved Beatrex Quntanna had posted in a Facebook group that Mars went direct (this is one of the reasons I chose today to launch, I looked at her brilliant Moon Book two months ago, and chose the dates for the campaign to be supportive astrologically), and to pick a Tarot card showing you what you could assertively move forward with now.



I took out the deck I waited almost 30 years for, thanks Luca,The Dali Universal Tarot Deck, and got the 8 of pentacles reversed. Well, the campaign’s goal is 8,888! The 8 of pentacles is grounding and balancing the power of the sacred 8, which is also the infinity sign on its side, the Mastery card in my oracle deck. As well as the 8 being connected to the holy bees, one of the major guardians for the deck who will fly in the infinity 8 pattern, in a process called the “waggle dance,”  all referenced to the collective hive and sun! It all flows together folks.

Rachel Pollack's Shinning Tribe Tarot

Rachel Pollack’s Shinning Tribe Tarot

And, since my internet went down again last night I pulled out some of my favorite Tarot books and read what they suggested the 8 of pentacles means since I could not reach out to Beatrex and the group. The Shinning Tribe Tarot is one of my all-time favorite decks, by renaissance woman Rachel Pollack, and I previously posted on she and Robert Place’s forthcoming Burning Serpent Oracle’s wildly successful Indiegogo campaign.

My pegasus collage

My Pegasus collage

Rachel changed the suits in her deck a bit, so it is the 8 of Stones, and it has a flying horse! Horses are what changed everything for me. They were the carriers to my new life in the southwest, and the deck would not have happened without their influence. And as if it couldn’t get any better, the chains around the sun have broken free, so more radiance may shine forth. My astrological sun sign is Leo, and Leo’s entire goal in life is to share our creativity with the collective. We do not pass go, we do not collect $200 if there is not an exchange, and this campaign is my latest offering of exchange with the wider world.

We love team member Frank!

We love team member Frank!

I am feeling full, a little wired, and excited. I want to thank everyone who has supported this process, and especially High Priestess of Technology MK Barr, it could not have been done without you, artistic alchemist Frank, and beloved Conjure Woman Jabu.  I am off to text a few folks about the campaign being up, and then going for a hike with sweet-smelling wild lupins and letting this whirling dervish go out on the big dance floor of life. Big love, and go enjoy the campaign, there is some really fun stuff there. And thanks for all your love.


Reach out with your gifts

Reach out with your gifts

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