Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign Part 11: Sparkling on Indra’s Net

We never really know the full impact of our actions, why things happen, or all the ways one set of circumstances affects another. Life is like Indra’s net, we are all woven together, glistening reflections of each other. When you touch into one place, like a spider capturing a fly, the entire web rattles and shakes, affecting the whole.

Far away in the heavenly abode of the great god Indra, there is a wonderful net which has been hung by some cunning artificer in such a manner that it stretches out infinitely in all directions. In accordance with the extravagant tastes of deities, the artificer has hung a single glittering jewel in each “eye” of the net, and since the net itself is infinite in dimension, the jewels are infinite in number. There hang the jewels, glittering “like” stars in the first magnitude, a wonderful sight to behold. If we now arbitrarily select one of these jewels for inspection (I read inspiration) and look closely at it, we will discover that in its polished surface there are reflected all the other jewels in the net, infinite in number. Not only that, but each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel is also reflecting all the other jewels, so that there is an infinite reflecting process occurring. Wikipedia

Some years ago, in the woods I grew up in as a child, I had an ecstatic experience with a spider web. It was dusk, and as I ambled down the northwest wooded pathway I looked to the left and was stopped in my tracks. The golden dusky light was illuminating a huge dome-shaped spider web, and the remaining sunshine was sparking off the dew drops along the arched intersections. I had never seen a spider web quite like it, and its rounded form made me think I was seeing into the matrix of the earth plane. I was seeing through the glistening dew drops to how we are each little watery beads along the collective energetic highway which is actually a reflection of the larger universe. I saw Indra’s web that day.


Taking this web analogy into account for offering our gifts to the larger world, discerning “success” and “failure” does not exist; everything is another experience of reflecting, and being reflected back upon, and we are each holographic mirrors of the collective. Crowdfunding is an interesting thing because it is both a passionate offering of the gems from our hearts, and we are also putting a numeric “value” to those jewels through the goal. And our culture has invested heavily in stories of tying the value of something or someone to how much money is generated. So when one launches a campaign, there is this potential push/pull of sincerely sharing something that has gifts far beyond financial gain, and then a part of us that must have some attachment to seeing it reach that arbitrary goal.

This campaign has been such a continued training ground for surrendering to not knowing the full impact of my efforts, and embodying the beauty, power, and Truth of the net. I started this process with the wild, determined energy of a stallion. Nothing could have stopped me from doing it. I fell in love with the visionary concepts behind this vehicle for sharing resources in ways that can bring more people’s dreams to life. My Oracle of Initiation deck was created directly from the dreamtime, and it has been my vision to share it more widely. It is a unique deck, and at times an intense deck, and the reality is not everyone is calibrated to work with it. On an Indra’s net level it has some serious mojo, and not everyone is called to those subterranean rainbows. There are many more mystics without monasteries now as Carolyn Myss says, and the deck is for those folks. For many people the Oracle’s level of inquiry is either too intense, or not their way.  But for the folks who are called to the Oracles wild beauty, the deck is like a revelation.

My campaign is almost at 50%, (49.94%) with nine days left. Campaigns certainly can pull out all the stops at the end, and fly over their goal, and some do not. I have no idea if my $8,888 goal will be reached, and I have been bathing in all of the jeweled reflections this process has offered. One of my personal signs of success has always been the respect of my peers. When I was in college studying archetypal psychology I had an aspiration of standing at a podium during a large conference, speaking to my colleagues, and feeling their respect and admiration for the work I had offered to the discipline. I would be honored like Marion Woodman, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, and James Hillman. People who had added substance, value, and vision to the world of Depth psychology. That vision of being honored has come true through the creation of the Oracle deck, its just in a different realm than I envisioned.


And this crowdsourcing process is another piece of reclaiming my sovereign knowing, trust in my own worth, and the value of my offerings. So maybe I am destined to NOT reach my goal. Maybe my unique gem is holding my center,  honoring myself and my project without having a “successful” campaign by the numbers. I DO NOT KNOW. And that is the truth, and it takes an insane amount of courage, grace, and trust to carry this. And it seems to be what I signed up for in this lifetime. I am the one who painted herself, nude and alone in underworld graffiti tunnels and in the harsh desert taking photos, so I have been well-trained for this, and its time to take it to another level. When one returns from the desert initiations, the gifts are to be shared with the collective.

David Joaguen's Owl Woman
David Joaguen’s Owl Woman

And I cannot do any of this alone. The deck was a collaboration between New Mexico’s sacred land, the Spirits, and the wisdom of the dreamtime. My friends, teachers, allies and colleagues make it possible for me to live this unorthodox life, and I would never had made it without them. And that is the heart of crowdfunding, supporting each other in sustainable ways to live the authentic lives we are meant to lead. Your offering may be a referral about the deck to a friend, posting on Facebook, tweeting the campaign, or writing a blog post. It may simply come through the energetic gift of appreciating the beauty of one of the images you see on the internet. We never know the destiny of our projects. NEVER.

Eshu from DreamTime PlayHaüs
Eshu from DreamTime PlayHaüs

So glisten back at me if you are reading this, because for this mystic, dreamer, hermit, shamans-cave-dwelling, introvert who loves people, this has been nothing short of a miracle to put myself out there this much. And I honestly think that is the ultimate success of this campaign, regardless of the numbers.

Tarot Professionals magazine with the Oracle as a cover girl.
Tarot Professionals magazine with the Oracle as a cover girl.

Great gratitude is in order the my people who have given some major emotional, spiritual, and intuitive support during this process. MK Barr, my technology goddess who is also a kick-ass counselor and a trusted ally from the initiations we underwent making the Painted in the Desert movie together. Coleen Renee, my rock for many years. Carrie Paris the visionary Oracle who is rockin’ the world of divination with her uses of technology. Jabulile, sister of my heart, priestesses from many lifetimes who gives raw, real, compassionate advice on living my gifts. And Marcus Katz for writing the most touching testimonial I have ever gotten*. This is a piece of that peer-to-peer respect, and it is so appreciated. This Leo needs her recognition at times. And an epic thanks to all the folks who have supported the campaign, deck, and my work in any way. You are sparkling jewels illuminating all of our pathways.

Santo Nino in the middle (AKA Eshu Elegua)
Santo Nino in the middle (AKA Eshu Elegua)

Tomorrow is Elegua, the African Orisha of the crossroads feast day in Cuba, and I shall honor all of his support on my journeys with a few images of his different forms. He also happens to be the logo for the Oracle campaign. Great Blessing Elegua, Eshu, Papa Legba for all your quizzical wisdom and the chaos that awakens.

Eshu from the Oracle of Initiation deck
Eshu from the Oracle of Initiation deck

Here is a portion of the text from my Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark book from guardian Eshu/Elegua:

Eshu is the Yoruban messenger Orisha, lord of the crossroads, communication, and journeys. He is the first Orisha to be honored at any ceremony because he opens the pathways to all the other Orishas. Eshu is also a translator, interpreting the messages between humans and the gods. He opens the gateways to your greatest potentials, and blocks opportunities that are not in your highest good.

Eshu’s message:

“I am the masked magician, the trickster poet, the tempting translator of all

of your deepest desires and yearning. I am the wild fantasies within your soul that are the keys to unlocking your true potential. Apprentice to my unexpected intelligence, the power of contrary wisdom in discovering your soul’s artistry, the merging of the crossroads of your fates. I am the chaos that awakens.”


Santo Nino (Eshu/Elegua)
Santo Nino (Eshu/Elegua)

Along with Elegua’s goodness, there have been some really cool new videos that have gone up on my YouTube channel, with more to come. Subscribe to the channel for continued deep mystery and divinatory magic unfolding.

1. How the Painted Body work came about 

2.The Oracle of Initiation deck at the Hidden Portal 

3. Mellissae working in graffiti tunnels 



*This is Marcus’ offering of love for the Oracle:

“There are people who when you meet them are simply ‘real’. They are congruent, consistent, considered and creative. When I first saw Mellissae Lucia‘s work on “Oracle of Initiation”, it was obviously the product of such a person. It took several years to get to meet her, but when I did, indeed, she was a real person.

Her Oracle deck is my personal deck for all my contemplative work, re-structuring of personality, initiatory insight and divination. It is a deck that speaks through the body and the face, through the land and the soul. When laid out, the expressions, the colours, and the fact that you are being ‘seen’ through so many faces, does stuff to you without even trying. 

We showcased it on the cover of our magazine – and because it was just *so* good, we actually issued three versions of the magazine with three different covers, because we just couldn’t choose one. The original cards were luxury; large-size and perfect for altars. She is now issuing a new version of the deck, stunning, vibrant and normal-deck-sized. I am in the queue, and if you were to be chatting to me at an event, or at home, or at a workshop, and ask, “So, what do you reckon I would be interested in buying I might not have thought about?” This is the deck I would say, for real.” 

Marcus Katz, of Tarot Professionals


All Text and images by Mellissae Lucia copyright 2014.





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