Tieton Cycle Kart Races 2014

I love dipping into cool subcultures. Last weekend in Tieton, WA was a delightful peek into the cycle kart world. My buddy from High School, Greg Owen was the MC for the racing events this year, and he invited me along to witness the dusty mayhem with these bright, shiny, handmade, labors-of-love that folks from around the world create. I have also known one of the founders of these races, Doug Varey since I was a kid when he was part of the Seattle contemporary design world with my parents. One of the things that amazed me about the carts was their mix of low-tech machinery and high-brow design. Some of them were absolutely beautiful, design objects unto themselves regardless of their racing abilities. And part of this charm manifested as  wheels rolling off mid-race, or the children adorning one of the carts with their own hand styled graffiti. It’s not often you get such a great combination of attention to detail with wild abandon. Adults playing. I love it.  The location of the first race was pure magic, in a private orchard surrounded by golden, rolling hills in the Yakima Valley. Such a contrast to have these little rocket-ships bombing around the twisty concourse as the espaliered fruit trees stood in uniform rows. The next day the races were in the town of Tieton, and I missed that portion, but look forward to more races in the future. Thanks guys for all the fun, and here are some links to articles about the event, with people coming from around the world to participate.  (Come back next year Rhyse from New Zealand and the lovely Scottish chap from Canada!)





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