Annie Eshaia’s Altars at Dance Camp Northwest 2014

There are those core parts of your being that need to be nourished and recognized to come fully into yourself. It is always a journey to find them, maybe THE journey. I needed some major nourishment after my crowdfunding campaign, and Dance Camp Northwest last week at Fort Flagler State Park in Washington offered that. I love dancing, and my Seattle dance tribe is the family of my heart. To be able to joyfully romp and frolic, indoors and out with my fellow movers is one of my greatest joys. And I just don’t do the big city and gray (Seattle) anymore after Santa Fe. So when I get a chance to play with the people I adore, at a beautiful location, with yummy facilitators offering workshops and dances I am in. This is the second year of the event, and I will be a regular from here on out. It was well run, my accommodation were charming, the food was great (which is no small miracle with how many food sensitivities and preferences we woo-woo ones have) and the people were so wonderful. And I got nourished. Big time. This incredible set of photos I took throughout the week is of the offering Annie Eshaia from Portland, Oregon shared with Dance Camp as the Altar Goddess. Her ever evolving, living altar was an important piece of the sacred beauty and nourishment that we all received as we danced and chanted and communed in the main theater. Thank you for all of your attention to the tiniest details Annie, as well as the sweeping, epic beauty of your sacred offering. Annie, lets play some more, and the rest of you should come to Dance Camp next summer as well.


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