A Passionate Love Affair with Hipstamatic-our Anniversary


This is all Miss Sonya Lea’s fault. She had a glorious, vintage-looking square portrait with green hues about three years ago on Facebook, and when I finally got around to asking her where it came from, the Hipstamatic app was the culprit. Today is the two and a half-year anniversary of that fateful day when I bought the app, and honestly, no joking, my life has never been the same. I am head-over-heels in love with Hipsta’s variety of options, mixing and matching different lenses and films for some pretty cool effects. This is a wild montage of many shots over the last couple of years, and I must give some major love to the options that have created the work including the Salvador lens that has surrealized many of my Psychedelic Farmlands series images (thanks Brian T. Parks for that suggestion). The Tintype lenses and films are also some of my favorites, making delicious portraits with moody, beautifully edged images and those EYES.  The newer Colaba HipstaPak with the crisp, stylish Ray Mark II lens and Irom 2000 film is my new go-to, and the Hongdae Pak with the Yoona lens and Blanko film looks so 1962. The Brighton Pak does some lovely saturated coolness, and the Sussex film rocks with the Tintype lens. The Tejas lens was an early favorite, and I still turn to the Kodot grizzled film at times. The double exposure can be fun too, but honestly Salvador eclipsed all of that. I love that they are square, there is a pleasing harmony in the proportions, and printed 20×20″ the work really shines. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next, its like Christmas when a new option arrives. I love you Hipsta, you make my life so beautiful, and you surprise me every time.  Love ML

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