COMPLETED EVENT: The Wild Heart of Initiation Workshop-in the Pacific Northwest October 2014


Its time to teach with the Oracle of Initiation deck again, and this will be the only workshop I will offer this year. I have a whole series of workshops and speaking events lined up across the country next year, but this is your only chance to enter sacred initiatory space with the deck and me in 2014. I am thrilled to continue the work that began last fall with the Dark Mother workshop in Seattle. I have decided to take things to another level and appease the deck’s devotees with a weekend-long retreat on a magical piece of land only an hour and a half from Seattle. We are in fiercely and shape-shifting times, and if we can courageously welcome initiation’s invitation into our true potentials, sacredly surrender to our heart’s callings, the universe shall meet us in ways never imaged. The Oracle and I will be co-facilitating some pieces of the workshop with the wonderful Virginia Carhart Haedt, who is also the organizational goddess for the event (yah!) and I am really excited about what shall emerge from this juicy weekend. I hope you will join us.


The Wild Heart of Initiation 


 Mellissae Lucia, the Oracle of Initiation

and Virginia Carhart Haedt

The time has come to reclaim the fierce, wild beauty of the instinctive feminine. In this workshop for women we will reach into the deep, fertile unconscious through art, ritual, and divination with a few surprises added in. Working with Mellissae Lucia’s visionary Oracle of Initiation deck is an opportunity to unleash your true heart’s brilliance. This workshop is designed to sink in and go deep, flowing in our feminine knowing and stepping out of the human-doing into the human be-ing.

  • When: Friday, October 3rd, 2014 at 6 PM to Sunday the 5th at 2pm
  • Where: 1.5 hours from Seattle, WA at a wooded sanctuary on Camano Island
  • Cost: $425-to sign up now, write checks to *Melissa Weiss Steele* and send them in care of Virginia Carhart Haedt at 533 Harvard Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102. For Paypal please email Mellissae at:  
  • Included: Lodging in a beautiful home on magical land; copious amounts of cool art supplies and Oracle of Initiation decks to explore; and a strong, sacred container to open into yourself in gentle and beautiful ways, with other brave and juicy women
  • Food: meals are team purchased and prepared by attendees -one meal per team
  • Facilitators: Mellissae Lucia, the Oracle of Initiation, and Virginia Carhart Haedt co-facilitating some pieces, as well as being the organizational goddess



Reframing Initiation 

One of the core aspects of accessing initiation’s potential is to reframe the challenges we have experienced as the gateways into our greatest gifts. Our wildness is deeply tied to the richness of our shadows, and through embodying our rainbows in the dark, the paradox of our greatest offerings shrouded in our struggles, we integrate the entire spectrum of who we truly are, shape-shifting the energies we once suppressed into flowing fonts of inspiration.


Time and Space 

Gift yourself the time and space to explore your innate intuitive wisdom, which is your guidance system to living your wild freedom. There will be time and space during the weekend to slow down, contemplate, and integrate where you have been, and where you desire to go from here. Send your type-A, Spiritual Perfectionist to a spa for the weekend (we will too!!) as we all explore our natural feminine rhythms in a sacred container of sister support. You only have one precious life to live, and it is time to live it courageously and joyfully, dancing your wild heart’s dreams. We all need your brilliance.



Artist and adventurer Mellissae lives the wild heart of initiation, having birthed the Oracle of Initiation deck during a seven-year vision quest after the death of her husband. Dancing alone and nude, ritually painted within subterranean graffiti tunnels in New Mexico to create the Oracle, she reclaimed her instinctive freedom through discovering her rainbows in the dark-the paradox of our unique beauty hidden in our shadows.

Virginia Carhart Haedt is a student of Noyes Rhythm, a women’s movement-based mystery tradition going back 100 years, modern eclectic Shamanism, and Accounting. She brings 10+ years experience leading circles, dances and rituals in the NW. Her personal practice includes collage as divination. Her roots go back to the wilds of Connecticut and the beaches of Cape Cod, where she was dancing with the elements and leaving gifts for the Fey before she knew their names. She is ecstatic to join us!


Río Abajo Río

Enter the Río Abajo Río with other amazing women, exploring the delicious mysteries hidden within your shadows:

“Each woman has potential access to Río Abajo Río, this river beneath the river. She arrives there through deep meditation, dance, writing, painting, prayermaking, singing, drumming, active imagination, or any activity which requires an intense altered consciousness. A woman arrives in this world-between-worlds through yearning and by seeking something she can see just out of the corner of her eye. She arrives there by deep creative acts, through intentional solitude, and by practice of any of the arts. And even with these well-crafted practices, much of what occurs in this ineffable world remains forever mysterious to us, for it breaks physical laws and rational laws as we know them.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves


Bonus Goodness

Discounts on Oracle of Initiation decks (including the new nicely-priced Tarot-sized version) and Oracle readings (done beforehand) with Mellissae will be offered to expand your experience of the weekend. The Oracle was created as a guide through the complex and shape-shifting landscape of spiritual transformation, and a personalized session about your current challenges and potentials will add to the weekend’s depth. More information about this shall arrive when you sign up.

2 Replies to “COMPLETED EVENT: The Wild Heart of Initiation Workshop-in the Pacific Northwest October 2014”

  1. My dear Kenneth, last year you and two other lovely men in our tribe commented on desiring to attend my Dark Mother workshop that was only for women. I have sat with those inquires all year, considering how I had predominately offered workshops only for women. Your continued inquiry is opening me to the possibility of offering some co-ed workshops, and it feels really juicy and inspiring. As I consider your question, historically there has been a need for women to create a container without the influence of the masculine directly in that process. As I look at where I am, and how much I love and respect the sacred masculine, I think the time may have come to move beyond the female only container. I believe you know that I had considered working directly with men about where the modern woman is in relationship to them, but that has yet to emerge. And also, as I was inviting folks to this workshop, I felt sad not clicking any of my male friends on facebook, you included. It felt like I was missing an essential piece of the puzzle. So this one shall stay female only, and after my winter hibernation I shall consider an open event, and I would LOVE to dance with the ancient initiatory impulses with you my dear, and thank you so much for allowing me to move beyond where I have been with my offerings into new territories. big love, M


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