Oracle and Tarot Decks Really DO Come From the Dreamtime

Sometimes I do not move forward with something I intend to do, and I don’t know why. Usually something is revealed later that makes sense of the delay, and this just happened. A few weeks ago I had a wonderful conversation with Andrew Kyle McGregor on his Hermit’s Lamp Podcast. I would usually blog about the interview immediately, and for some reason I did not.

Andrew McGregors Tarot Waiting to Happen deck-get yours now!
Andrew McGregor’s Tarot Waiting to Happen

My inclusion on the show came out of a dream I had in early June 2014 with Andrew, Carrie Paris, and Erik C. Dunne, all Tarot/Oracle deck creators. The dream was about a cloistered, vintage 1940s lounge where there were many boxes of left-over, unique, and end-of-run Oracle and Tarot decks. I wanted to search through all of them for one of Erik’s Tarot Illuminati decks and other wonderful Oracles I may have missed. Andrew was there, and I introduced myself to him, forgetting the name of my own deck briefly as we shook hands.

Carrie Paris' The Lenormand Revolution
Carrie Paris’ The Lenormand Revolution

I spoke to Carrie about the dream, and she said why not connect with Andrew, he is lovely and maybe I was to be on his show. Between the time I actually came on the show and when Andrew and I first scheduled the interview I had three dreams about he and I looking at and creating an African Orisha deck together. The Orishas are the ancient gods and goddesses of many names depending on the region, all with their base in the big continent. Andrew is a traditional follower of Lecumi, one of the pathways connected to the Orishas. 2019 UPDATE: Andrew recently released his Orisha deck through Llewellyn.

Eric C. Dunne's Tarot Illuminati
Erik C. Dunne’s Tarot Illuminati


James C. Lewis' contemporary take on the Orishas. Blessings Esu/Eshu/Ellegua, guardian of the crossroads.
James C. Lewis’ contemporary take on the Orishas. Blessings Esu/Eshu/Ellegua, guardian of the crossroads.

So back to Andrew and the dreams. I surprised him on the show with the information about seeing us working on an Orisha deck, and we had a discussion about some of the other Orisha/Lecumi/Vodoun decks out there. The conversation was delicious, and you may want to listen to the entire fifty minutes. A few days ago I got an email from Andrew, and he said he spoke to his teacher, and he has decided to create an Orisha deck. I am so excited to see where he goes with it, I have not found an African deck that speaks to me yet. Jera Babylon Rootweaver is working on one that I am excited about, but I would love to see more decks from African traditions. So Oracles really do come from the dreamtime. I know Robert Place’s entire Tarot career emerged from a dream, and they also come out of travels between the realms like Lisa de St. Croix’s journey where the Egyptian goddess Isis told her to create her own Tarot de St. Croix deck.

Tarot de St. Croix
Tarot de St. Croix

When I was creating the Oracle of Initiation deck, other people even dreamed about it months before it was begun. I have always wanted to share some of the dreams that inspired my deck, and this is just a few of them. There were also many elusive ones of animals and humans shape-shifting throughout the creation of the project.

The Burning Serpent Oracle by Robert Place and Rachel Pollack
The Burning Serpent Oracle by Robert Place and Rachel Pollack

I officially began the deck April 6th, 2006, and as you can see I was having interesting dreams about decks years before my Oracle revealed itself. I did order Amy Swartz’s Wooden Tarot deck from Kickstarter, and have always loved decks on different materials like the rawhide cards of the Apache Indians. This range of dreams is two from me, and two from other strong dreamers in my life. Both of the dreams from the others prophesized the deck’s pathway before it emerged.

Amy Swartz's forthcoming The Wooden Tarot
Amy Swartz’s forthcoming The Wooden Tarot

The dreamtime is one of my greatest joys. It is the most interesting, beautiful, and informative movies I could ever imagine happening in my psyche every night. Profound blessing to the Dream Spirits, you are one of the greatest gifts in my life.

Jera Babylon Rootweaver Vintage Lenormand
Jera Babylon Rootweaver Vintage Lenormand

3-3-2000* Wooden Divination Deck

I am in a train car with a Native American/ Mexican looking family. The children are possessed and need to be helped. The mother seems helpless and the father is angry and oppositional. I find some wooden cards with images and prayers on them. I knew they were powerful and would help the kids and family. I had the cards and then somehow they ended up in the father’s possession in his pocket. I try to take them and we have a scuffle. I get them out, and then hold (typed help at first by ‘accident’} onto him from the back. I was powerful enough to do it, and on some level he let me. He knew it would help. I read two prayers and the kids and family were released. 

The pictures I drew of the cards in my journal had an infinity** shape, and two blocky diamond shapes attached, and then our father and our mother on a third card. It looks like a ring holding the deck together at the bottom.

*Six years before I began my deck

**My Oracle of Initiation deck has a rainbow infinity sign as card #66

3-14-05* Horse and Bee Divination Deck 

A whole reading with a variety of spreads done. A longer group with six cards, a central question, Horses and Bees** are on the cards (like suits). Kris Steinnes from Women of Wisdom is there. The six horses and bees are very auspicious. They are about development, a series of levels being progressed.

*This is a little more than a year before I actually began the deck.

**Horses and bees were central allies to the deck and my own metamorphosis. And I am a bee.

1-6-13* Sulis Sarasvati dreams of my Oracle 

So you were in my dream last night. The large-scale/retail/general public version of The Oracle of Initiation deck had just been released along with the mini, cliff notes version of Rainbows in the Dark. 

*This was about a year before I decided to crowdfund to print the new Tarot-sized version of the deck with an abbreviated version of the Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark 400-page book. Sulis is one of the major deck devotees, and has had an amazing connection to the deck since its inception.  She is one of twenty-two contributors to the big book offering beautiful descriptions of some of the cards. I got really excited about this when I first read her dream, and have always wanted the deck to be more financially accessible, yet it took a while for the action to land. Dreams can have a very precognitive aspect to them, showing us what may be coming years from now.

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