Blessed Feast Day Eshu-The Chaos that Awakens

Orisha Eshu, Exu, Elegua, Esu, Echu, Elegbara, Elegba, Legba, Papa Legba,

Blessed Feast day to African Orisha Eshu, a spirit with many names. Two days ago a charming thank you card came from Andrew Kyle McGregor for being on his podcast show, and it was an illustration of Eshu/Eleggua. I was so delighted with the image that I initially did not track that there was a bite out of the card. Going back to write down Andrew’s address later, I remembered the destruction to one corner of the envelope and wondered if there was a message for me/Andrew, especially since Andrew has recently started an Orisha deck and I had dreamed three times of this potential. Offering the chewed up card to Andrew, he asked if it was a message for me. So sitting yesterday with Eshu, I was offered more overt, daily guidance on my path.


It has been an interesting couple of years of working with the Spirits. For many, many years I would awaken, greeting the day with my “Guidance Squad” as Robert Ohotto calls them. I would call them in, honor them, listen for messages and generally reconnect after the dreamtime. Then a few years ago it seemed too cumbersome and overt, and I had this inner sense to be the knowing, operating without so much externalized ritual. My deep reverence and attention to signs, synchronicities and messages continued, it just seems outmoded how I was previously doing it. I still continued to decipher my dreams, do “Spirit Writing” to channel message, watch my art for signs and just generally move between the worlds as I have always done.

But yesterday, thanks to Andrew’s support, for a period of time Eshu and I shall be getting’ it on in the AM. giggle.

Eshu in DreamTime PalyHåus by Mellissae Lucia

Eshu in DreamTime PlayHåus by Mellissae Lucia

Here is some of my text from my Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark oracle book about the guardian of the crossroads and messenger between the worlds. Blessings and gratitude for all of your love, support, and guidance towards and away from the things that serve my path best. And maybe the hat is red and black.

11. Embarking with Guardian Eshu from the Oracle of Initiation deck

11. Embarking with Guardian Eshu from the Oracle of Initiation deck

Eshu from The Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark book

Eshu is the Yoruban messenger Orisha, lord of the crossroads, communication, and journeys. He is the first Orisha to be honored at any ceremony because he opens the pathways to all the other Orishas. Eshu is also a translator, interpreting the messages between humans and the gods. Like Coyote, Loki, and Hermes, he is a trickster, a rabble-rouser, the life of the party who may turn your world upside down if you need a new perspective. He opens the gateways to your greatest potentials, and blocks opportunities that are not in your highest good. He is the guardian of travelers, and it would be wise to leave an offering at crossroads to gain his support as you embark on your grand adventure.

Guardian Eshu’s Message:

“I am the great shape-shifter and guardian of your cosmos, the one who guides you as deep impulses draw you to your destiny…Apprentice to my unexpected intelligence, the power of contrary wisdom in discovering your soul’s artistry, the merging of the crossroads of your fates. I am the chaos that awakens.”

Entire text and images copyright Mellissae Lucia 2012 for the Oracle of Initiation. 


About the Oracle of Initiation deck:

The Oracle of Initiation divination deck by Mellissae Lucia offers experienced guidance in embracing the beauty in spiritual transformation. The Oracle’s ancient cross-cultural guardians light the way to our rainbows in the dark, the paradox of our greatest gifts hidden within our shadows. Learn to confidently navigate your own initiations with the Oracle’s earthened wisdom, shape-shifting your challenges into your own wild, sovereign beauty.

The Oracle deck’s Painted Body series emerged directly from artist Mellissae Lucia’s seven-year vision quest after the death of her husband. All of the images in The Painted Body series were taken alone and nude by the artist herself, in the ancient desert landscape of arroyos, canyons, caves, and graffiti tunnels surrounding Santa Fe, New Mexico. In her work, the camera is held at arm’s length, making it a literal extension of her body. None of the images in The Painted Body series are altered or retouched in any way. 

  2 comments for “Blessed Feast Day Eshu-The Chaos that Awakens

  1. August 17, 2015 at 1:31 am

    thank u for contemplating


  2. Ken Spencer
    August 15, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Thank you for something to think about.


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