The new Tarot-sized Oracle of Initiation Crowdfunding decks are Ordered!

Special Crowdfunding cropping of card 22. Isolation from the Oracle of Initiation
Special Crowdfunding cropping of card 22. Isolation from the Oracle of Initiation

Wonderful news in the Oracle of Initiation realms. The new Tarot-sized decks have been ordered for the Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign! They may be on a slow boat (not from China) since I got free shipping on the 72 sets that were ordered, so we are still shooting for an October arrival. But miracles can come true, and they may be here earlier. The special crowdsourcing decks have a couple of surprises, one being a different cropping of the 22. Isolation card. There is also another new, never to be reprinted card that is the thank you for rolling with the changes from the edition of 1,000 to this print-on-demand version. You shall have to wait to see that tantalizing surprise.

Regular 22. Isolation card
Regular 22. Isolation card

I am thrilled with how they have turned out. They are simpler than the Deluxe cards, without the color coded realms on the bottom of the cards and Gateways, and the images are full-bleed. I love when the images flow to the edges without an obstructions. And the lettering is simple, and unobtrusive. I love the Deluxe Art cards, they are hefty and the art has a major presence in them at 4×6”. Because they are printed as post cards they have a different weight than playing cards, but still totally function as a divination deck. The new “working” Tarot-sized edition fits in the hands, shuffles easier, and has a totally different presence. The art still looks great, but it is more secret, you have to peek into the cave to see who is there. They are more cloaked, less brazenly illuminated than the Deluxe sets. I adore them both, and just love to make beautiful, magical tools. Put the Deluxe cards on your altars, and carry the new Tarot-size deck in your pocket. And big love to MK Barr for all of her technology and graphics support in this process. I could not have done it without her.

The new nicely priced Tarot-size should be up on the website soon to preorder your copy if you missed the Indiegogo campaign.


3 Replies to “The new Tarot-sized Oracle of Initiation Crowdfunding decks are Ordered!”

  1. Tail wagging is a very appropriate and reasonable response to this news. And your dream many moons ago was one of the catalysts to bringing this new version forth. The deck loves u. X


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