Oracle and Tarot Decks Really Do Come from the Dreamtime (and Hermit’s Lamps) Part Deux

11. Embarking from the Oracle of Initiation with Eshu the African Orisha as it's guardian.
11. Embarking from the Oracle of Initiation with Eshu the African Orisha as it’s guardian.

About a month and a half ago I wrote a blog post sharing some of the dreams that guided the creation of my Oracle of Initiation deck. I also spoke of the interview Andrew McGregor and I had on his Hermit’s Lamp podcast of the dreams I had of he and I creating an African Orisha deck. At the time Andrew said he had no intentions of creating such a deck, but it seemed very interesting. Then a few weeks later Andrew emails me saying he is inspired to create a deck from his Lecumi tradition, with the African deities.

More Dreamtime Oracle Callings 

The dreamtime keeps drawing people into the Oracle of Initiation, and just a few days ago I got an order for my new Tarot-sized deck and Deluxe book from Elle Vevea, and when I inquired about where she heard of the deck, this is what she said:

NOTE: Italicized portions of text below in brackets are my commentary.

“I actually stumbled across it years ago, when you released the first edition. I was just starting my serious journey with the Tarot, and uncovered it on some marathon surfing session. The images were so powerful, and your story was so powerful, they made a tremendous impression on me, I never forgot them – although sadly, I forgot your name, what the Oracle was called, and how to find you again!

Then, a month or so ago, I had a dream where I was in an adobe house, and in a niche (the deck was created in New Mexico, and this is very appropriate image styling-thank you Dreamtime Spirits) was one of the cards – where your face is white with a red stripe running down the center (Card 11. Embarking-with the African Orisha Eshu as it’s guardian, the messenger between the worlds-and a tie-in to the dreams about Andrew McGregor’s new deck). In waking life, I had been trying to uncover a way to use the Tarot to help with issues of creativity, and have been dissatisfied with what I’ve been coming up with. So in the dream, I saw the card and thought – yes! Creativity invites a walkabout or a vision quest – something that I personally can’t create with the Tarot.

But I still couldn’t remember your name! Or what the cards were called! And I embarked (notice she used the name of the card in the dream but didn’t know that at this time) on all kinds of crazy search strings, and couldn’t find you. And I’m usually freakishly good at finding things.

Then, guess what – I was listening to an episode of the Hermit’s Lamp podcast – and yes, it was you – talking about recognizing an invitation when it arrives. So I guess I needed two invitations to the Oracle of Initiation! I imagine whatever spirits who try to guide me places spend a lot of time smacking their foreheads while I blunder past the obvious 🙂 But at least I was able to re-discover you, and bookmark the spot!”

Carolyn Cushing's "Spirit Shot" of the newly arrived Oracle deck on her altar.
Carolyn Cushing’s “Spirit Shot” of the newly arrived Oracle deck on her altar.

Another Lost and Found Oracle Devotee 

I also got to share with Elle that another sister of the Oracle misplaced how to find it for about four years, and just recently found it again. Carolyn Cushing is a psychologist who works with Tarot on the East Coast, and has a vibrant connection to the Dark Mothers and transforming grief into beauty, depth, and meaning. We met briefly in 2010 when I came to New York for the Readers Studio Tarot Confrence and had just released the first 88 limited edition Deluxe cards. After we reconnected this year Carolyn invited me to collaborate on some of the rituals at Readers Studio in April 2015, and her inspiration for the themes this year of initiation and shape-shifting are inspired by the Oracle of Initiation. The Oracle really does have a destiny of its own, and I am its humble servant carrying it to the folks it belongs to. It has brought me to some of the most interesting, genuine, and magical people I have ever met. The gift that just keeps giving.


And the question must be asked, I wonder why the Oracle shrouded itself to both of these women for so long. Another great mystery. Maybe they both needed the Tarot-sized cards, not the larger Deluxe set. Things that make you go hmmmmm…


A Sister in Pop Culture and Mysticism  

And then Elle rocks my world again and weaves together Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the Grand Canyon in one sentence. We were definitely separated at birth; both disciples of pop culture and mysticism, I love you Elle.

Post-deck arrival email from Elle:

“Oh my goodness, the cards arrived today, and I have been handling them all afternoon. They are silky smooth, and even more magical than I remembered or even dreamed. And the card of my dream – Embarking, was so similar to reality, I was amazed that my dream recreated it so closely. Actually, I’m not amazed – the cards have so much power and beauty, it’s not surprising that the image lodged somewhere near my soul and stayed there.

They are awesome – both in the Bill and Ted sense, and in the Grand Canyon sense. I can’t even imagine what you felt when you saw what you were creating.

Thank you for bringing them out into the world – I’m so glad I was able to rediscover you and your work!!”

Right back at yah Elle, and love to Carolyn and Andrew as well. Life is so good in our Shinning Tribe of diviners, and the Oracle is so happy to fly into more hearts and hands (and dreams).

Shining Tribe
Shining Tribe

And a video of the origins of our Shining Tribe:

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