COMPLETED EVENT: The Wild Heart of Initiation Workshop’s Earthen Inspirations

A wonder-fall earth altar
A wonder-fall earth altar

Such a wonder-fall of gifts flowed down on us this weekend. The Wild Heart of Initiation workshop with The Oracle of Initiation touched into those deepest parts of ourselves that yearn to be connected and creative, trusting our intuition to navigate our unique paths. The Oracle deck emerged out of a powerful metamorphosis in the New Mexico desert, and it illuminates the pathway to our rainbows in the dark, the paradox of our greatest gifts hidden within our shadows. The deck came from the dreamtime, and it’s shape-shifting mysteries call to those that are ready to explore their own wild beauty.

We gathered at a wooded sanctuary on an island north of Seattle and spent our days exploring our innocent wisdom, reframing our initiatory challenges, and having the time and space to slow down and be. It was an invitation into sacred play using the Oracle deck, collage, earth altar making, and many other experiences that touched into the creative unconscious to access our true knowing. Many of the participants voiced similar feelings about their journeys over the weekend including their gratitude for doing sacred art in a supportive community.

IMG_6239 copy

Some of the images in the album below are of the earth altars we created with Deluxe Oracle of Initiation cards on the land and left outside overnight. We returned the next morning to see what messages the land and Spirits offered us through changes in the still lifes. My combination had many insect visitations, some had things move or change, and one woman saw a perfectly placed Maple leaf dropped directly on top of her altar. One of my favorite divination images is of a group of African men crouched over a grid that had been drawn in the sand. They create the template in the earth and then leave it overnight. Returning the next day they decipher what prints and messages insect, snakes and animals have left to inform their question. This was our Northwest wooded take on that. There are also images of the decks we created with a series of processes accessing our essential wisdom.
The workshop was designed to be like a holiday stocking, a cornucopia of divinatory and imaginative gifts offered to inspire new visions. Anything can be used as divination, offering us messages and insights. Throughout the weekend an unorthodox collection of interesting objects and processes gave each participant new ways to decipher the riddles of their soul’s yearnings. We all have been through so much over the last few years with the rapid changes we are undergoing, I wanted a weekend of nurturing magic and delight to remind us of the joy in our journeys. The weekend brought up tears and laughter, integrating shadow and light to embrace our own sovereign power. Thank you brave and beautiful women, Virginia for all your essential contributions with logistics for a bunch of mystics, and the earth and Spirits that met each of us in just the ways we needed. See you all next year. At the closing circle I shared this poem:

IMG_6435 copy

Spirituality is solitary

Terry Tempest Williams 

Its companion is conflict,

a gnawing at the soul

that cannot be ignored.

We are engaged.

There are no rules.

There are no maps.

We live with the

discomfort and

ambiguity of our

own authority.

At times, it is lonely,

often informed by pain.

On other occasions,

it is the body submerged

in a phosphorescent tide,

every movement sparking a

trail of illumination.

Afterwards, we sit on the

shore in moonlight.

No candles are necessary.

Spirituality exists only when

we are present, buoyed up

by the waters of attention.

We learn the courage of faith.

It is a peace that is earned.

We can take solace in the heat

of doubt knowing this is

the pulse of poetry.

I am now off on a walkabout for seven weeks traveling throughout the west going to Tarotcon in Dallas and Teressena Bakens Sacred Spiral of Women workshop among other stops. Maybe I will see you along the way!

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