The Oracle of Initiation Voted a Top Fifty Essential Deck!

The new Tarot-sized Oracle of Initiation canyon cards introduced to the imagery origins in Abiquiu, NM.

The new Tarot-sized Oracle of Initiation canyon cards in Abiquiu, NM where the Painted Body artwork for these cards was created.

I cried when I read the Oracle’s name in the Tarosophist magazine’s top fifty list this afternoon. Some months ago Tali Goodwin asked the Tarot Association’s 13,000+ member Facebook group what their essentials divination decks were, and The Oracle of Initiation is on the top fifty list. This is an especially big deal because people really love the Tarot system, and when you come out with something new and different, it isn’t always understood or initially accepted.


The Oracle really has been underground literally and metaphorically, and now with the new Tarot-sized edition available at a more accessible price I think the deck (and it’s creator) are ready to come out of the cave and be seen. I will be playing with the Tarot Professional’s crew next week in Dallas at their Tarotcon conference, and am currently in Santa Fe, NM were the deck’s Painted Body imagery was created on the land and in subterranean graffiti tunnels. Tali Goodwin and Marcus Katz, along with the entire staff of Tarot Professionals you inspire me with your endless dedication to bringing more wild beauty and divinatory magic to the world. Mille Grazie for all the love. (And three Oracle images were features on the limited-edition eighth anniversary issue of the magazine a few years ago. A cover girl-so fun).


Here is the tantalizing write-up for this issues of the magazine, and you can too can join the association to get this and much, much more:


Tarosophist International Volume II Issue 1 is now available to all members!

Over 50 pages of articles, methods, publisher insights and more. This issue was created in a full professional design package and represents a significant upgrade to Volume I…

Thank you to all our wonderful contributors, and those whose decks are in our “Essential 50” and for those that aren’t in that list, we’ll get you covered in other ways over coming issues!

This issue contains:

The Answer May be in the Question
(Tarosophy methods of creating a Spread from the Question)
The Colours of the Golden Dawn Tarot
Your Fifty Essential Decks
What Makes A Collectible Deck?
Decks in Development
Publishing News in Tarot
The Bear is the Bear is the Bear – Lenormand with Rana George
The Tower in Poetry by Marjorie Jensen
The Standing Woman Spread by Dr. Ute Knecktys
The New Wave of Tarot
City Mystic Tarot: NYC
Sphinx Tarot in London: Urban Vibe
The Revised Knapp-Hall Tarot
Create a Personal Lenormand Deck with Katrina Wynne

And illustrations from Janine Hall and Baba Studio amongst others.
You can join the Association for instant access to all 22 previous issues – that’s six years of back issues – and four every year of membership – over 1,200+ pages of tarot methods, ideas and reviews from the world’s leading tarot authors, artists and teachers.


More Oracle of Initiation canyon cards from the Painted Body ritualistic photography series in the deck

More Oracle of Initiation canyon cards from the Painted Body ritualistic photography series in their place of origin

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