COMPLETED EVENTS: Tarotcon Dallas 2014 & Inside the Tower Card Dream

The New Mexico made decks table-Margaret Letzkus's Exotic  Lenormand on the far left, Lisa with her Tarot de St. Croix and The Oracle of Initiation with moi.
The New Mexico deck table-Margaret Letzkus’ Exotic Lenormands on the far left, Lisa with her Tarot de St. Croix and The Oracle of Initiation with moi

It was a wonderful time in Dallas last weekend at Tarot Professionals Association’s Tarotcon conference. We had lots of fun from tossing cards onto the floor and reading the “smoosh” to shuffling them around and taking vignetted photos of the cards with our phones. We also had a taste of Julia Hesse’s Living Tarot Oracle with embodied Court Cards offering sage advice and Lisa de St. Croix sharing her Tarot collage journaling techniques. And the Living Tarot Oracle folks are also currently running a Crowdfunding campaign to sustain this magical event and they are 70% to their goal! Help them over the top for such a worthy cause.

The King and Queen of Cups in the Living Tarot Oracle
The King and Queen of Cups in the Living Tarot Oracle

I always meet the best people at these things and send love to all of my newly found friends. My new trouble-twin Rebel Jezebel London was as much of a photo nut as I am and has posted some great stuff on Facebook. I will create a gallery of some of the highlights from the conference below.

Trouble twin Rebel Jezebel London's Oracle play
Trouble twin Rebel Jezebel’s Oracle play

There have been a series of synchronicities about the Tower card from the Major Arcana in the Tarot during and after the conference, and I wanted to share my beautiful dream about this intimidating and liberating card. Two lively discussions about the Tower are currently occurring on the Tarot Professional’s Facebook page if you want to come join the fun. I had this dream the day I left for the event and it gave me an interesting new perspective on this card. From the sharing on Facebook most people agree that the card brings up fear and anxiety in readers, but that it’s actually a radical transformer and may free us from outmoded beliefs and patterns. I say I had a tower card moment when my husband died twelve years ago and my Oracle of Initiation deck came out of that breakdown. Enjoy the dream and photos, and come play in February 2015 at Tarotcon Sacramento.

WOW! And after being voted a Top Fifty Essential Deck by Tarot professionals Association last week. WOW!
WOW! And after The Oracle of Initiation was voted a Top Fifty Essential Deck by Tarot Professionals Association last week. WOW!


10-16-14 Inside the Tower Card Dream

In the beginning I am with Chris (my deceased husband). Then I am alone shopping in a boutique in a tall, black skyscraper in a large metropolitan area  that feels like New York city. The interior of the space is all slick and black; anodized aluminum and black granite, upscale and sparse. On a midlevel shelf I see pretty little floral bags that have cotton summer dresses in them. They are the brand Patagonia (who does actually sell some of their outdoor gear in little synch sacks). The dresses are the same fabric as the outer bag and I am drawn to the navy blue background with delicate little multicolored flowers on it. The fabric reminds me of the very preppy, traditional, and staid London department store Liberty. There is also an orange background flowered dress. I had gotten one of them last season and loved it. I am so excited to get another. There are also rugged little slim pencil cases made out of a heavy off-white cotton twill. I grab one of those too, they are also on sale and could be useful in many ways including as a bag for decks.

a lighter blue, and more densely flowered, but this is one of Liberty's printed fabrics
A lighter blue and more densely flowered, but this is one of Liberty’s fabrics that is close to dream dress

I consider what dress size I need. There are a handful of the blue ones and I try to remember what size my last one was. I have an eight, six, and four in hand, and I am thinking I need the four but I am not sure. I am deciding sizes as the female sales associate comes over to see if I need assistance. Just as she comes up behind me, but has not spoken, the entire structure of the building begins to shift and morph. It is as if there is an earthquake happening, but there is no shaking. I look up to see thick layers of the building slipping sideways and they start to fold down in on themselves like an accordion collapsing. It’s all very smooth and quiet, more like watching paper slide together than a dense building. The thick, solid layers may be black granite and when they finish sliding downward the original building is not that different in width, just jagged edged now. As it is happening I assume all of us in the store will be killed immediately or trapped in the layers of rubble and die.

When the shifting of the building stops I notice I now have on the pretty blue Liberty dress. It has a drawstring neck, open shoulders and falls straight down below the knee. The white cotton rope synching the neck is thicker than one would imagine for such a feminine dress. It is not very fitted, but classy and attractive. I also notice I have a beautiful choker on. The necklace is on a thick leather band fitted right to my neck, with a deeply magical tribal pendant in the center and two large South Seas gray pearls on either side. It is very elegant, feminine, and earthy, and the pearls glow with an inner light. I love it, it is so perfect for me and I did not know I had it.

As I look around, the handful of us who were in the store as the building collapsed are all OK. The space is fine as well, altered a little, but not totally crushed. I assumed my life as I knew it was completely over, that the world had totally fallen apart and that I would need to tend to the dead and dying. I do think we must be trapped in here, so I go to investigate. The shop was up a steep set of stairs from the street level, with glass doors into the black granite alcove. I open a door and look outside. The city seems the same, except there is a blueish-green tint to the light, and there is no one there. Other than the streets being deserted there is no visible sign of debris or devastation. This all seems slightly odd, but not disturbing.

I go back in the store with my people. Through this experience they became my people, and this is my place. A middle-aged blond-haired white woman looks up through a square opening between the fallen layers that goes all the way to outside. Sunlight is shinning down through it and I also realize that we could have called for help through this air hole if we needed to. We all seem to think we are still trapped even thought I looked outside.

I am looking at my desk (somehow I have a place to work there now) and someone has put a paper grocery bag for recycling too close to my chair and a brown power adapter for one of my electronics. The bag would be in the way of my chair sliding in and out, it’s too close to the power adapter, and I just don’t like it there. I simply move it out-of-the-way and reposition the power cord so I am totally fine with it. I am not stressed out or mad, I just did what I needed to do.


Andrew McGregor of the Hermit’s Lamp also shares some interesting views of the Tower:



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