The California Conundrum


Okay I’m just going to be honest here. Washingtonians are judgmental about Californians. We were this wonderful sleepy burg thirty years ago when we had Frederick & Nelson and Nordstroms to ourselves and the traffic didn’t suck. So we were passive-aggressive and clanish and depressed, but we had the mountains and the water and we didn’t drive aggressively. I am a sixth-generation Washingtonian and that’s almost unheard of being non-native (American). And then the word got out and people started moving to Seattle in droves. And true or not, this all got blamed on Californians. And now the traffic is a nightmare and they’re tearing down the viaduct (I heart viaduct) and houses cost a lot of money. Yes the economy is thriving in a different way and it was really cool to have less traffic. So now comes the great paradox. I don’t want to live in Washington anymore. I desire sunny ocean and that does not exist there. I don’t see myself moving to a foreign country and I love the west coast, so that’s California. A part of me has always wanted to live in one of those groovy seaside village that has healthy food and laid back folks down there and a part of me is freaked out about the aggressive traffic and the amount of people vying for resources. California is not the only place this is happening, but because the state is so epic-ly gorgeous it becomes the role model for desirability and over-population. My people live there, the New Age glamazons, and nobody freaks out if you say that you’re a gluten-free-bacon-eating-vegan, they just show you that part of the menu. And the rub is the way resources are being allocated I am concerned about the long-term sustainability of living in SoCal. Western Washington has a lot of access to natural resources and its also depressing as hell in the winter. So the question is where is my sunny ocean that is calm and beautiful with resources that are working? I know we are all going to have to work this out in the next few decades and a part of me is scared about how well our reptilian selves will do with all of this. So these are some pictures of this beautiful place that I may or may not move to next year: Hearst Castle/SLO county, Joshua Tree, and Palm Desert.

And if you wish to make or buy sacred drums with my friend Lisa Starr in Joshua Tree and/or stay in she and Gabe’s incredible earthpods through airbnb got to these links:

(And P.S. Hipstamatic has made me crazy again, they have a new Tintype app that I am using in some of these images. Oh my.)

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