How will you wield your power (money) this holiday season?

WS42Conviction copy

The personal is political. When we change ourselves, we change the world. It is actually the greatest power we have, living from our most compassionate, loving, sovereign selves. We are all swimming in the cultural field of a world that is profoundly fragmented. I do not need to give you examples, we all know about Ferguson and the environment, degradations too plentiful be cataloged here again. What I am suggesting is that we use one of the most potent resources we have, our money, to feed what we really want our world to be. Give things this holiday season that inspire you, that enchant and challenge, that bring our spirits alive and feed our souls. Buy artwork and books, videos and music, unique experiences from independent artisans that are so deeply magical and wildly beautiful that you can barely wait to give them away. Share Oracle and Tarot deck that offer your loved ones the ability to find their own sovereign knowing. Purchase gift certificates for intuitive readings and energy healing sessions that support the emergence of your beloveds greatest potentials. Buy products created by people putting their heart and soul into their offerings.

WS15Discovery copy

And give these gifts to yourself as well. Take that workshop, buy that Tarot deck you have been salivating over, transform your environment with a glorious new piece of artwork. We can take this tool that has been wielded against us, the unjust allocation of resources, and turn that around to heal ourselves and our world by using it consciously and wisely. Join me in this, we all have a lot more influence than we think. USE IT*.

WS8Wonder copy

*And as a gift from my sacred offerings, to January 1st, 2015 there shall be 20% off all of my fine-art prints, Oracle of Initiation decks, and Oracle readings. Enjoy and Enchant!

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