Storytellers-What is the dialogue of your dreams?

December 31st, 2014 Santa Fe graffiti tunnels where the oracle deck was created

December 31st, 2014 Santa Fe graffiti tunnels where the oracle deck was created

New Year’s Eve Mojo 

It is the first day of 2015. Yesterday was an important manifestation day in my world. Each New Year’s eve I consciously choose to do what I would like more of in the coming year. Each year it is a little different, sometimes massages and healers, other years walks at sacred parks and community gatherings. This year I wanted to anchor in more adventure, creativity, and oracular exploration along with elemental sensuality and good friends. Mission accomplished here in Santa Fe with photo shoots in some of the graffiti tunnels where I created The Oracle of Initiation deck and at a glorious old Catholic church graveyard. Later, after we dressed up, friends and I went to the luxurious Japanese spa Ten Thousand Waves for a soak and a meal.

December 31st, 2014

December 31st, 2014

Dialogue of Your Dreams 

As we shared our experiences of 2014 at dinner, I thought about the people in my life and the ongoing conversations that we have. A mentor in the photography world once asked me, “What is the dialogue you want for your life?” She was asking who we choose to share our journeys with. What were their passions, values, dreams, and heartaches? Do we feel seen, met, and held by the people surrounding us? Are the exchanges life-giving or life-depleting? She was really asking how we consciously decide to spend our precious time, energy, and resources to feed our deepest desires. We get to choose who we co-create with. If you have not found the tribe of your spirit yet, how will you do that this year?

spa heaven

spa heaven

Innocent Inquires 

On Facebook yesterday at the Tarot Professionals page a sweet thirteen year old boy asked about how he can gain confidence with the Tarot when his family does not support working with the cards. There was an avalanche of responses sharing other people’s stories about finding their way in a world that disregards the intuitive arts as well as very practical ideas such as finding local Meetup groups and reaching out to online communities for friendship and camaraderie. At thirteen he is creating his life stories. This is an ongoing process for all of us, but he is at an especially precious time. There is that brilliant quote about where you are going in life and who is coming with you and knowing which comes first. Part of the dream dialogue inquiry is about who you are, and then finding the people who complement your magic. The more we understand ourselves, the clearer the resonance will be when we meet our matches. There really is an innocence to this entire process, a playground approach of trying lots of different things and seeing what makes us squeal and grin.


Write It Down 

In 1999, I was deeply involved in archetypal psychology studies and had spent a lot of time with Carolyn Myss’ work. Carolyn recommended a local class on archetypes taught by three women. As I sat through the presentations I realized that they all had something that I wanted. They were each accomplished in their own spheres as therapists and workshop leaders, and one of the women was an Episcopal priestess and personal friends with Carolyn. Their confidence was inspiring, but it was really the connection they shared that rocked my world. They clearly liked and respected each other and they were having fun doing their work. They would laugh and joke, carrying a level of self-acceptance I had yet to embody. Writing things down tends to make things happen in my world so I jotted down in my journal my desire for joyful, wise, honorable, powerful collaborators to teach spiritual growth concepts with. A couple of years later I was living that dream running a healing center in Seattle with people I loved and respected. All of the steps along the journey offer us information about how our unique brilliance may emerge, our job is to track them and then take action.

spa beauty

spa beauty

Using Intellect and Intuition 

If you wish to explore the dialogue of your dreams, I propose that you use both your intellect and intuition. On the intellectual end of things, think about what you have always wanted to do and make some lists. Look at this lovely smorgasbord of your soul’s delights and decide on one or two that you will take some action on in the coming months. Write down those intentions and then let it unfold in its own organic ways. You can also call in support and ask your friends when they see you come alive. The people who really get us carry great insights about our lives that we may not see ourselves. Explore what you loved doing as a kid, children do not have elaborate agendas and judgments about what they enjoy. Let go and do something just because it enchants you. Notice if there are any things you lose time doing. That level of tranced-out passion is pure magic and is some aspect of your essential self. Also, track where you are envious of others, peeling the shame off of that information so that you can acknowledge what part of that experience or attribute your psyche is aching for.

Adding the intuitive to this process, notice the signs and synchronicites that are trying to get your attention. Has a friend told you about a workshop that sparkled as it was mentioned? Did the TV, radio, or computer flash some information about your dream dialogue search? Are your literal dreams laying out some of your deepest potentials? This morning I had a dream about entering writing contests and doing very well at it. Is there a book on your shelf that you have not read, but you cannot get rid of it? I have had books for years that have been waiting for me to be ready for them. These are soul contract talismans quietly reminding you who you truly are. Could you do divination cards and think outside of the box to see what the Oracles may be pointing you towards?  Do you want to work with an intuitive coach to ferret out the parts of the puzzle you cannot grasp yourself? These are all mystical ways your Muses are working overtime to help you embrace your deepest yearnings.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller

OK, so you have made it this far, let’s have a beauty break. Here is a minute and twenty-second UnOrthOdox Oracles video about being a storyteller. Short, sweet and mysterious.


The Dream Team 

There an upcoming series I want to share that is designed to awaken deeper dialogues with your creative essence. You may have already seen the posts about the Embodied Divination series with Carrie Paris, James Wells, Nancy Antenucci, Andrew McGregor and myself starting in two weeks. The entire evolution of this five-week Teleseminar evolved out of dreams and synchronicites, shared passions and respect. What is unique about this offering is the level of lived experience each of these presenters offers. When I look for people to study and collaborate with I want to be inspired by their essence, feel safe and respected by their levels of emotional intelligence, have a sense they will bring new perspectives to enhance my own processes, and I need to know they walk the talk. The Embodied Divination series shares the wisdom of people who have decades of experience as oracles and intuitives, teachers and ceremonialists, artists and inventors. If I was not presenting,I would have been the first person to sign up. This is the dialogue I want to have. Here is a rundown of the five offerings:

1075588_10151810154059258_607126753_oCarrie Paris has been a magpie magician since she was a child. She sees divination and delight everywhere and offers a deeply compassionate perspective on coming into your power. She has been a professional reader and teacher for decades, has both organized and presented at worldwide Tarot conferences, and has published numerous divinatory tools including the Lenormand Revolution; The Magpie Oracle casting charms I & II; and Tarot Talismans charms.

Her presentation on January 14th is about activating our Soul-Sight through deciphering the signs that are pursuing us to live our true destiny. What unrecognized potentials are stalking you to claim your unique gifts?

10387421_10204368610165539_3091413436619765100_nJames Wells is a modern-day visionary weaving indigenous wisdom with contemporary council practices. He has also been divining since he was young and brings a grounded practicality and charm to his readings. He has a successful intuitive practice offering creative coaching and readings as well as leading workshops and retreats. He is the author of two books on divination, Tarot for Manifestation; and Tarot Circle Encounters

His presentation on January 24th will offer his imaginative mapping process to consciously sculpt the life of your dreams. Will you find the courage to become the co-creator of your true potentials?

10258873_10203715196497334_6130679082215506426_oNancy Antenucci is a spitfire. She has a magnetic sense of humor and her earthy perspective on living a life of spirit is truly inspiring. She is also a maverick priestess of the Dark Mother lineage embodying the non-dualistic  wisdom between the dark and the light. As Robert Ohotto says, anyone who is a “Light Worker” is really a shadow dancer bringing illumination into the deepest recesses of our psyches. Nancy is the one I want with me down in the caverns laughing at the beauty of our human complexities. She is a diviner and a teacher, and the author of The Psychic

Nancy will offer a ceremonial journey on January 28th to meet Your Destiny Self. As a seasoned guardian and guide she will create the container for us to meet our wise potential within.

moiYellowCrop300Mellissae Lucia is an artist and an adventurer. She has spent over two decades immersed in Norse, African, and Native American sacred traditions, cross-cultural divination, indigenous dreamwork, and archetypal psychology. Her Oracle of Initiation divination deck emerged during a seven-year vision quest after the death of her husband. She descended into subterranean graffiti tunnels in New Mexico dancing with death and resurrection to bring forth the Oracle that illuminates our rainbows in the dark-the paradox of our greatest gifts hidden within our shadows. She teaches workshops and presents at a variety of conferences, offers Spiritual Initiation Counseling and sells her Oracle decks, books and prints. 

On February 4th Mellissae Lucia shall lead us on a magical Medicine Walk to meet our creative guardians and guides the Muses. Who are your sacred allies yearning to help you navigate the awaking of your true voice?

1554583_10152107847926421_1963425798_nAndrew McGregor brings a down-to-earth, punk rock mentality to all of his endeavors. He is an initiate of the Lecumi tradition, a Yoruban influenced system. He is a father and a metaphysical shop owner, a modern-day magician with a clear-eyed view between the worlds. He brings a broad range of experiences to his Hermit’s Lamp podcast series that features contemporary cutting-edge mystics discussing how to bring spirituality into your everyday world. He has been doing readings for decades, teaches workshops, and is also the creator of the Tarot Waiting to Happen

On February 11th Andrew will challenge us to reframe our fears as deep and tireless allies to opening our fullest potentials. How could your life expand if you embraced the power in your fears?

Join us on this journey to embodying your mystic creator and make 2015 the year you embraced your authentic essence in tangible, beautiful ways. The five-week series is only $150 with all sorts of other goodies and specials offered when you commit to your own sovereign knowing. It is Wednesday nights for about an hour and a half a call, starting at 5:30 pm PST and 8:30 PM EST. The calls are from the comfort of your own home and they will be a mix of lecture and participation on the conference line. All of the calls will be recorded and sent to you to download so you can listen to them again and catch any that you might have missed live. To sign up or get more information please contact James Wells at Registration ends January 13th, 2015.Here is Andrew’s Blog post with the recorded interviews with each of the five presenters and towards the bottom of the post is an easy link to sign up for the series:



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