COMPLETED EVENT: The Northwest Tarot Symposium-Presentation on Crowdfunding Your Deck

The Northwest Tarot Symposium

March 6th to 8th, 2015 

Mellissae Lucia will be presenting on Crowdfunding Your Deck 

Friday the 6th at 4:00 pm to Sunday the 8th at 5:00 pm

Monarch Hotel, Clackamas (Portland) Oregon

Cost $225 for the entire weekend with a payment plan of two installments of $112.50 available until January 31st. Hotel specials also at just $89 a night. 

Sign up here:



It is only six weeks until the gathering of the Tarot, oracle and cartomancy tribes at the Northwest Tarot Symposium organized by Devera Publishing in Portland, Oregon. The event boasts world class headliners Barbara Moore of the Steampunk Tarot and James Wanless of the Voyager Tarot, as well as a total of 20 speakers offering 30 different workshops. There will also be an art show, performances, and loads of unique and soulful venders with goodies you cannot get anywhere else. Below are some of the presentations and more information about my workshop on the magic of Crowdfunding to bring your deck to life.

Crowdfunding your deck by Mellissae Lucia 

What is this revolutionary new resource system that is changing the way artists, filmmakers, and social activists are funding their projects? Mellissae Lucia will offer an insider’s perspective on navigating your own campaigns, exploring both the practical and spiritual aspects of this innovative, magical new economy. Mellissae has run two different campaigns, one for The Painted in the Desert film and another for a new Tarot-sized version of her self-published Oracle of Initiation deck. She has also written a blog series about her Indiegogo Oracle process called “Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign” with in-depth interviews from other Tarot deck creators about their campaigns including Robert Place, Lisa de St. Croix, Pamela Steele, Doug Thornsjo, Cheryl Fair, Anne Staveley & Jill Sutherland, and Virginia Jester & Chris Hopkins. Come find out how to make your own projects come to life in this engaging presentation on the visionary potentials of this new manifestation portal.

Short blurbs on the other presenters

Barbara Moore – What is My Soul’s Purpose?

Author of several books on tarot including: Tarot for Beginners, Tarot Spreads, The Steampunk Tarot, The Gilded Tarot, The Mystic Dreamer, and Tarot of the Hidden Realm.

James Wanless – Tarot is Psychology: Exploring the Psychology of Tarot

Author of several books and deck on tarot including: The Voyager Tarot, Sustain Yourself Deck, and Little Stone.

Jadzia DeForest – Tarot Elements and Numerology

Co-owner of Devera Publishing and Distribution, co-producer of the Northwest Tarot Symposium, and author of the Tarot Learning Cards. Jadzia is also a professional reader and instructor. See her websites: and

Jay DeForest – Beyond the Cards: How Does Divination Work?

Jay is the other co-owner of Devera Publishing and Distribution and co-producer of the Northwest Tarot Symposium. Find him online at: and

Jaymi Elford – Inspiring the Muse (Creative Writing with Tarot)

She holds a Level 2 Transformative Tarot Counseling certificate from Katrina Wynne, is enrolled in The Tarot School’s Correspondence Degree Program, has studied with James wells and many others.

Toni Gilbert, ADN, MA – Archetypal Dreamwork and Tarot Cards

Toni is the producer of the Northwest Astrology and Tarot Salon. She has a background in transpersonal counseling and holistic nursing. And she is the author of two books: Messages from the Archetypes: Using Tarot for Healing and Spiritual Growth and Gaining Archetypal Vision. Her websites are and

Miriam Jacobs – Tarot and The Chakras (Fusing Tarot with Ancient Systems)

Miriam is the author of Tarot and the Chakras: Opening New Dimensions to Healing (released spring 2014) and creator of the Polarity Wellness Tarot. She has a private practice in San Francisco and you can visit her website:

Mellissae Lucia – Crowd Funding Your Deck

Creator of the Oracle of Initiation deck. She has taught many workshops in the last 15 years, including LETS – Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium in Santa Fe, NM. Her website is

Marcia McCord – Lenormand Cartomancy | The Grand Tableau

Creator of four Tarot decks and two Lenormand decks. Find out more at

Heather Mendel – Concealed and Revealed: The Major Arcana, The Hero’s Journey, and The Sacred Feminine

Originally from South Africa, she now resides in New York. Author and artist of the Syzygy Oracle which brings together the Major Arcana, sacred geometry, and the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. Her websites are and

Teresa Michelsen – Living the Tarot

Teresa has presented at Reader’s Studio, ATA conferences, and is an active member of the Cascasia Tarot Society. She teaches online and is the author of Designing your Own Tarot Spreads and Complete Tarot Reader, published by Llewellyn.

Carrie Paris – The Magpie Oracle: Casting Shiny Objects for a Bright Future

She was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK. Carrie is the creator of the Magpie Oracle, Lenormand Loadestones, and co-creator of the Lenormand Revolution deck.  Later in 2014 she’ll be releasing the Nippon Lenormand and the Dark Salon Lenormand.  Her website is

Christine Payne-Towler – Sophia Among the Alchemists (European Tarot esotericism before the 20th century)

Author of The Underground Stream: Esoteric Tarot Revealed and co-creator of The Tarot of the Holy Light. She also writers the Tarot interpretations for Find her at

Leeza Robertson and Amy Barilla – Tarot and Tea (Tarot, Crystals, and Power Mantra’s)

From Las Vegas, Nevada, these instructors will be joining us to bring you this power packed session to build, grow and expand your relationship with your Tarot deck. Amy is a successful Reiki practitioner and radio show producer. Leeza is a bestselling author, book coach, podcaster and workshop presenter. They are online at

Casey Scanlon – Finding your “Divinitive” Answer

Author of The Divinitive Answer Cards, published by Devera Publishing. She is also an artist, yoga instructor and chocolatier (be sure to visit her booth at the symposium). Her website is

Major Tom Schick and Valentina Burton – Using La Loteria cards as Oracle Cards

Tom is the creator of the Tarot Lovers’ Calendar, which is in its thirteenth year. Residing in Texas he is very active in the Tarot community. He’s online at Valentina is known as the Fortune Teller of Dallas. See her website at: 

Pamela Steele – The ABC’s of Tarot

Pamela is the creator of the Steele Wizard Tarot and the new Wizard’s Pets Tarot. She has more than thirty-five years of experience in Tarot and even more in the art industry. Co-admin of the Facebook group: Tarot Deck Creators; Consultant to the Brooks Medieval Faire; And part of the NWTS board of directors. Visit her at and

Gina Thies – Keys XV to XXI – The 4 Natural Enemies on The Path

Gina Thies has been involved with tarot since getting her first reading in the early 1990s. She has used her refined psychic skills to help hundred of clients all around the world. Her website is:

Carmen Waterman – The Creators Journey

Creator of the Rainbow Travellers Tarot, she will be joining to talk about the journey of creating your own deck. Her website is

Courtney Weber – Tarot for One: The Art of the Self-Read

Originally from Portland, Oregon she now lives in New York. She holds a BA in Theater Arts and is the creator of the Tarot of the Boroughs, a contemporary deck set in New York City. She is also the author of Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess. She’s online at

Katrina Wynne – Sexual Symbolism and Meaning in Tarot

She has been teaching Tarot, metaphysics, and psychology since 1992. In the Pacific Northwest and beyond she is a very active in the Tarot community, and online she offers an extensive selection of courses on Tarot and counseling. Visit her at


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