Mud magic with another enchanted soul mate on the journey- Whitney Freya

One of the greatest joys we have is our beloved friends and allies. They will usually be with us longer, and at times more intimately than any of our lovers or romantic partners. They offer the support, inspiration, and connection that makes this life worth living. I never would have made it this far without my friends. Jen Erameth of Akashic Transformations has said in multiple channelings on soul mates that we are in a time where our other destiny friends and family are blinking on around the world and we will be meeting more and more of them. It is an enchanted treasure hunt to reclaim your sacred playmates. Words cannot describe how much comfort and excitement this gives me, it feels like another layer of the isolation illusion melting away. Over the last six months I have met multiple people who feel really vital, and one beloved sistah that took five years to finally meet in person in the bay area.

Yesterday I met another friend that I knew was a soul mate from the start. Lisa Starr, drum making goddess in Joshua Tree introduced me to Whitney Freya on Facebook and her infectious enthusiasm and open heart called to me immediately. Whitney is a passionate creatrix, offering soul painting as a pathway to integration and embodiment. And it is no surprise that two earthen artists such as ourselves would be gifted a goopy, living, breathing, morphing mound of clay to explore. We were initiated on many levels as we climbed this disintegrating earthen altar in the uncommon blazing Northwest sun. The tiny stream running down the hill was bath water warm, and the deep mud below was cool and dense. We would sink down to our knees as we inched our way up the oozing incline. We were even marked by mud with a massive splatter on my cheek and Whitney receiving a healthy amount in her left eye. It was quite an experience with many epiphany and aha’s emerging from this prayerful romp. I am looking forward to the future adventures Whitney and I shall have, and check out her amazing work!

  2 comments for “Mud magic with another enchanted soul mate on the journey- Whitney Freya

  1. March 27, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    You are such a deep, bright, shining bad-ass gift sistah! GO!!!


  2. dayton
    March 27, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    Yay!! xoxoxo! Today is the day Shyp might offer me, fingers crossed but I will be delighted with my life either way! So happy to know you, you inspire me to be my best every day! Muaaaaaaaahhhhh!  Best,  Jabu Dayton


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