Northwest Tarot Symposium Post 2 and Off to Readers Studio in NYC

Deck creators Theresa Pridemore, moi, and Maree Bento at NWTS 2015
Deck creators Theresa Pridemore, moi, and Maree Bento at NWTS 2015

What a magical season it has been. It started with my Women of Wisdom Artemis Return presentation, then the Northwest Tarot Symposium divinatory magic, and now off to my beloved New York City for many offerings at the Readers Studio Tarot conference. At Readers Studio during their Tarot and Psychology offering I will be presenting  a study group on our Ancient Initiatory Impulses with The Oracle of Initiation. The spread I have to accompany that subject is so meaty and interesting, and I look forward to unpacking all that emerges from that. Archetypal psychology is such a multilayered philosophy, and seeing what the therapists and practitioners come up with will be such a treat. The weekend after Readers Studio I will be up in Massachusetts with the lovely Carolyn Cushing speaking at the Massachusetts Tarot Society Meetup on Saturday the 2nd of May, and then Carolyn and I will be offering a workshop called The Wisdom of the Seasons: At the Crossroads of Light on Sunday the 3rd.

The Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) already has its dates set for next year, and they are accepting proposals for presentations and the art show as well. The conference was one of the best run events I have ever been to, and the attendees, venders, and presenters were all curious and kind people. This is the tribe I want to be part of, and you should come too next year, March 4th to 6th, 2016 in Portland, OR.


I wanted to share a few more images from the NWTS event (above) and also let you know about a Crowdfunding campaign from one of the NWTS artisans, The Tarot of Bones. You can get a deck with a PDF of the descriptions for only $20. Wow. Cool project, support a fellow mystical crafter, I did. Finally I will share a few images from Readers Studio five years ago, and you know there will be lots of great stories and images after the whirlwind weeks coming up. And watch for the outfit I am conjuring for the banquet and disco-ball dance party Saturday night. The creation of the ensemble has already cracked me up to such a degree that I wonder if photos will do it justice. Dress-up is good. Have fun and see you all after New York.


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