Earthdreaming Retreat at Aldermarsh Sanctuary

Earth loving images, a new UnOrthOdox Oracles video, and my testimonial from Joanna Powell Colbert and James Wells enchanting weekend.

“Joanna Powell Colbert and James Wells wove a generous, sacred container to explore how the earth and our sleeping and waking dreams are calling us to unleash our unique gifts. The retreat was a wonderful mix of both men and women offering deeper levels of insights and integration to many beautiful processes. Joanna and James modeled embodied circle leadership throughout the event sharing themselves in authentic and gracious ways. The location of the retreat, Aldermarsh sanctuary is nearly impossible to relate with words. The sacred is alive there, and the trees and the marsh and all of the creatures glow with the knowing of their beloved place in the web of life. We glow brighter when we step into that field. Elaine nourished us deeply with her food magic and I go home deeply fed having found more of the tribe of my heart. Thank you again for the beauty we all co-created.” Mellissae

Double Bluff Oracle’s Fort 3 minute video:


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