Mary and Jesus Made My Day: More New Mexico Cemeteries

Continuing the adventure joy of the last post here on Traveling Tintypes, Cosmic Caves, and Barefoot in the Bosque this was a single day filled with northern New Mexico’s gloriously gaudy Catholic cemetery culture. And I say gaudy with great respect. The ability to layer different colors and textures in an explosive, wild, devotional manner is truly a gift. Life is an extravaganza and let’s make sure Mary and Jesus know how much they are appreciated by having their likenesses silkscreened on red roses and etched into marble headstones and encased in little hand-made cement altars.

I could spend the rest of my life wandering through these kaleidoscope landscapes honoring the vitality in these graveyards. Part of the fun is hunting for the most interesting ones. I grew up Lutheran and that clan tends to be reserved and spare so encountering these Technicolor outposts in the desert is quite exciting.

Some of them are well hidden, and the one in Coyote took some searching to eventually glimpse the telltale chock-a-block headstones tilting in every direction and the riotously colored plastic flowers. A little light trespassing was required to get into that one, and it yielded amazing rewards. I have not researched it yet but about half of the headstones had very stylized crosses and stars that almost looked Masonic in their symbolism with a beautiful script I have seen on other old gravestones. I am thinking it is the Spanish influence but my god they are beautiful.

There shall be one more blog post in this series about an abandoned house I stumbled upon on my way back to Santa Fe on this busy artistic day. You never know what you will find in New Mexico. Never. And thanks to Malcolm for the tour of the El Rito Church of San Juan Nepomuceno and sharing about how the floors used to be made of mud and blood. So fitting.




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