iPhone Image Adventures Summer Session Highlights

You know those times when something sneaks up on you that is so much a part of who you are that you cannot see it? There have been crossroads in my life when wise friends have suggested people, places, and things for my next steps that I had not considered but actually end being perfect. Kitty Johnson is the culprit in this latest caper, and bless her. She requested an offering on how to take really cool, arty photos on a phone, and here we are. These iPhone adventures with other delightfully obsessive photographers has been so much fun I cannot wait for the next round. As you can see below there has been a wide range of styles and subjects, and they just keep coming. Happy creation to all and enjoy the video with some of the fascinating locations that were part of this round’s quests.

The community aspect of sharing our latest experiments has also been very rewarding and the next series starting September 20th is shaping up to be as interesting as this first round. The September to November six-week online course will have the insiders view of my own vagabond adventures including the Earth Oracle Awakening event at Mt. Shasta, a Medicine Walk in Wallowa, OR, and of course Halloween/Samhain/All Saints Day/Dia de los Muertos. Who knows what could emerge at those liminal times. There is a $29 self-directed Dip Your Toe in rate and the early bird special for the Co-Creative Adventurer is at $199 until September 1st, then $249. More info here and all devices welcome, not just iOS (Apple thangs):  https://mellissaelucia.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/event-iphone-image-adventures-funky-fun-photography-online-course/

Images below by Kitty Johnson, Karen Brighton, Arwen Lynch Poe, Will Sugg, Gabriel Tamaya, Barbara St Jacques, Ellen-Mary Kerough O’Brien, and a couple of mine.



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