COMPLETED EVENT: iPhone Image Adventures Highlights from Session Two

On the first live call for the Co-Creative Adventurers on this second iPhone image journey we all shared our history with photography. Some of us had professional, dark-room, art school, gallery experiences and some of us were self-taught snap shot fiends. The general consensus of the group was that the process was helping them to see the world in new and magical ways, opening up their creativity on every level. Both iPhones and Androids are being used and most of the photos have been taken with the iOS Hipstamatic app. We will not get into the Hipstamatic 300/301 upgrade right now, I am still frustrated and think of it as New Coke. Why mess with perfection.

A handful of the folks who have taken these first two courses have become complete fanatics, and I say that with great joy, what a wonderful addiction to have. One of my favorite quotes during our phone conversation was from one of these digital devotees, Karen Brighton. She did the first series with an Android phone, and bought an iPod to use Hipstamatic during this round. She said her inhibitions about taking photos any and everywhere melted away because

“She has permission. She’s on a mission.”

That sums it all up, how do we allow ourselves to play with the world around us, releasing our adult fears to let loose and explore as children would. The next series will start January 17th, 2016, subscribe to this Blog and join my mailing list from my website to get discounts on the next round that will post November/December. Photos included here by: Karen Brighton; Lizzie Bennett; Arwen Lynch Poe; Shauna Angel Blue; MJ Foley; Kitty Johnson; Will Sugg; Maree Cree Roland; Catherine Barocco; Mitzy Carter; Marie Mbouni; Cheryl Kyle; Phoebe Patten; Mellissae Lucia.




“Explore the world through someone else’s eyes”

Big new fun! In a few days I am going to start Periscoping bringing you all along to the magical, hidden spots where we can play and explore together. If you do not know what #Periscope is, it is a new online social media site that offers live streaming videos from people around the world. It is owned by #Twitter so to sign up you need an account with both, but you do not have to engage with Twitter actively if you don’t want to. The inventors of it said they wanted a way to time travel around the world seeing what people were doing in real-time. Another interesting way technology connects us.


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