COMPLETED EVENT: Medicine Walk Magic in Wallowa, Oregon


Our lives have patterns and rhythms, destinies and fates that draw us back to who we truly are. The universe unravels those false selves that we inherited and conjured, awakening the authentic yearnings within. Our culture is so hyper active that to slow down and actually hear the callings of your soul is a major accomplishment. Medicine Walks are a time outside of (the illusion) of time, a sacred process of slowing down and hearing the murmurs of our Muses. They are the more feminine form of a Vision Quest, a time to nurture and care for ourselves, gently attending to our own internal unfolding.

IMG_3687 copy

This was a homecoming in my journey, occurring ten years after two different Walks undertaken here in Wallowa with my teacher Valerie Wolf and our Over the Rainbow group. This Walk was co-created with creativity coach Whitney Freya at her art explosion (in a good way) home, and we each brought a love for the land and the Spirits of this place to the process. The questers came from around the world and were each willing to meet the next steps of embodying their authentic gifts.

IMG_3919 copy

We gathered on Thursday night for a meal and introductions through The Oracle of Initiation cards drawn for each Walker and Whitney’s powerful Soul Scribble process. The training and creative explorations continued throughout Friday as we explored the myths we were currently carrying and how to prepare for the Walk. Friday evening we were treated to a raucous orange tressed Oracle at the fire circle and then we went into sacred silence for 36 hours. The stories each quester returned with are their own to share, but I will say the level of synchronicities and insights each was met with were truly beautiful. And when this level or work is undertaken, we enter a collective field with a wisdom of its own. The story we are all in will continue to unfold over the coming seasons. This is part of the beauty of this work, dispelling the illusion of our isolation.


One of the interesting visitations during this process were a series of three glowing blue orbs. The first image was taken August 24th in one of the Walker’s backyards in Kentucky. The second two were taken separately by Whitney and myself on Thursday when we walked Tik Hill overlooking the city. I wonder what Spirits/Angels/Ascended Masters/Ancestors/Guardians are revealing themselves through these glowing emanations. This is the summer lands of the Nimipoo, the Nez Perce Indians, and Chief Joseph was one of the guides supporting this work. Watch for the potential of other Walks in Wallowa in 2016. The watercolor painting below is by Bette Wappner and the two circular decks are the New Earth Tarot by Charlene DeLong and Kate Silver and the Transparent Oracle by Emily Carding.


WOW!!! About five minutes after publishing this, I was struck by the beauty of the light shining through Whitney’s star over her kitchen sink and as I held the phone up to take a shot I saw the SAME ORB as the three shots above!!!!! It came out more subtly in the image above on the right, but in the view finder it was EXACTLY THE SAME! We are in a story here folks!!

IMG_3940 copy



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