COMPLETED EVENT: Souldust Dream Temple Retreat


What an enchanted time we had last weekend. Gathering at one of the most beautiful retreat centers I have ever been to, an intimate group of us explored what our dreams are leading us to and how to embody those precious callings. Aldermarsh was the location for this Souldust Dream Temple Retreat, and it is a beloved wooded sanctuary on Whidbey Island in Washington state. The land has been honored, tended, and fed with so much spiritual love for so many decades that when you step on the property your entire body knows you are on sacred ground. Throughout the weekend the land and dwelling spaces held and nurtured us, regenerating us on every level imaginable. Rachel Ford and I shepherded the retreat, and each of the other women brought her own offerings and gifts to the process.


One of the pivotal activities during the weekend was creating our own dream body collages. Rachel is a master at intuitive collage and as the process evolved we realized the paper and glue creations were actually alive. They spoke to us in our sleeping dreams, revealed aspects of our desires that we had not yet recognized, and they literally twisted and shook off the wall when an important message needed to be acknowledged. They called us to our most authentic selves and we were each in awe of how much those big brown kaleidoscope scrolls revealed. I chose to burn mine, releasing it’s desires into the grand collective, but everyone else took theirs home hanging them as totemic allies to guide the next phases of the journey.


Divination, delicious meals, hobbit hut saunas, earth adventures, morning yoga, self nurturance, outdoor hot tubs under the stars, and lots of laughter filled the weekend and I want to share a handful of the intentions and messages that emerged during this time out of time.

Falling into our softness

Shedding skin and coming out the other side with clarity and focus

Willing to be seen

Getting out of the way of a life we love

Breaking the cycle of struggle

Less time in the mental body, more time in the physical body

Patiently sitting and waiting to see

Being at a crossroads in our stories

Being naked on every level

Exploring intentions about intentions

No apologies

Looking forward to future Souldust inspirited adventures around the world and online courses including the forthcoming Intuitive Collage offering. And there was some silliness that needs to be shared. This is a video that dropped the day the retreat started about the live streaming Social Media portal Periscope that I am rocking every day with iPhone image adventures escapades, and yes, it is all a sign! Come join the fun, who knows what will transpire!

2 Replies to “COMPLETED EVENT: Souldust Dream Temple Retreat”

  1. It truly was a wonderful retreat. My dream body is hanging on my wall at home. I continues to inform and guide me. This Souldust experience will last a lifetime! Thank you Mellissae and Rachel.


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