EVENT: iPhone Image Adventures: Master Hipstamatic’s Experimental Genius (Online Course)


What: An online digital photography adventure unleashing the wild genius of the revolutionary Hipstamatic app. There is no other image-making application on the market that can even touch the innovative power of Hipstamatic’s diverse options. The challenge today is that with their ever-evolving catalog of films, lenses, and flashes, how to actually discover the best combinations. With over 200 mix and match options today, finding these experimental gems would be nearly impossible.

This course cuts through the overwhelm with an obsessive early-adopter and award-winning Hipstamatic devotee (me), who will share the very best tips, tricks, and secrets for YOU to harness the extraordinary creative potentials of this unrivaled app. Start immediately taking images beyond your wildest dreams. Check out my MellissaeLucia Instagram feed to see the ongoing experimentation #Hipstamatic #experimentalphotography.

When: On your devices at your own pace.

Where: Online and wherever your wild Muses take you with your beloved devices.

Who: Anyone with an iOS/Apple device (iPhone; iPod; iPad) who wants to bring more enchantment, play, and innovation into their digital creations.

Cost: just $399 for nearly fifty different Hipstamatic practices and lessons in text, video, and PDF formats. Specific lessons with the very best Hipstamatic Paks, cool bonuses, and 13 inspiring pioneering masters and contemporary experimental photographers are also included.

4-4-20 NEW addition to the course. I am prototyping a set of cards to accompany the course that will have the best combination with images I have taken. It will be a handy, wonderful way to easily see the styles you like, and you can even carry them with you into the field to direct your choices while shooting. I will post images when the prototypes have arrived.

Just $399 for the iPhone Image Adventures online workshop: 


Bundle both this course with the new Creative Digital Collage course for just $549 

(SAVE $149 on both!) and take your digital art to new and astonishing places:




It is the way to educate your eye, and more

Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. 

Die knowing something.

You are not here long. 

Photographer Walker Evans 

Let’s be happy vagabonds and go on a Hipstamatic iPhone image adventure! As you amble around exploring the innovative and fun practices in this course, you will produce Hipstamatic photographs beyond your wildest imagination in surprisingly effortless ways. There are no other workshops on the market like this combining practical Hipstamatic tips and tutorials with compelling adventure practices to take your iPhoneography skills to whole new levels. Along with teaching you how to recognize, trust, and apply your own instinctual knowing to your Hipstamatic explorations, we will reclaim the deep power of enchantment through this imaginative application by capturing the hidden magic constantly surrounding us. You are not here long-die knowing the joy of your true creative voice.


The Staggering Amount of Hipstamatic Options Now

I began with Hipsta over eight-years ago when it had fewer options and learned the best combinations along the way. Diving into Hipstamatic now with the intention of methodical experimentation would be nearly impossible with the over 200 mix and match potentials now available. And they keep adding new Paks every single month, which makes it a very dynamic tool, and there are simply too many options now to easily find with the best ones. In this course, I cut through those bewildering amount of options to teach you the very best combinations, and how to use these to come up with some really great images instantaneously that do not need any post-production editing.


Course Outline:

•One: Everyday Magic—The Democratic Camera

•Two: Still Lifes—Little Altars Everywhere

•Three: Urban Explorer—The Cool But Curious Eye

•Four: Wild Beauty—Nature As Muse

•Five: Passion Portraits—I Know You’ve Got Soul

•Six: Surreal Visions—Capturing the Dream

RoadsideCarnivalRayMarkIIIrom2000BEST copy 2

Along with the price of the course, there will be the cost of the Hipstamatic app and the suggested Paks. I imagine it could be $20–$40 total depending on how bonky you get.


Some digital devotees share their JOY about the course:

iiaKarenBVignettePicsArt copy“This has been so awesome, it’s like I’ve rediscovered a forgotten sense. On days that I don’t engage with photography, I feel a deep longing and … loneliness for my creativity. Quite remarkable and unexpected.”

Karen Brighton using both an Android phone and an iPod to access Hipstamatic


iPhoneWSUcnhitel20 copyWith Mellissae’s suggestions for the best Paks and combinations, her workshop has been really helpful for me to cut through the overwhelming amount of Hipstamatic options. With her help, I’ve been able to start taking great images immediately.”

Will Sugg on an iPhone


iPhoneCherylKyle“I am really grateful for this course and so appreciate the opportunity to play. The more I take pictures – the more I notice how flat my world had become – like my life is being played out on a movie screen and I was just surviving. When I was in Ethiopia a couple of years ago, everything popped and everything had dimension and color… the trees, the buildings, the signs, the animals, the people. Everything was buzzing and vibrantly alive.

That experience is opening up for me again as I am being present while tapping the camera button. I look into the world around me now as an invitation to engage.  And it often does – to my surprise – and my internal landscape is shifting as well. Beauty pops all around and there is so much yet to explore. I suspect I am only scratching the surface.”

Cheryl Kyle on an iPhone



“This course gave my creative heart a new voice. I learned a new language that allowed me to communicate my joy in a new way.”

Arwen Lynch-Poe on an iPhone




” The questions you put in each lesson are so valuable and thought-provoking, much more than just a photography course, it is an adventure into myself.”

Bette Wappner on an iPhone



Award-winning Greetings From Palm Springs image taken with Hipstamatic. 

What you will get:

•Twelve deep play experimental photography expeditions into the worlds around you, teaching you how to find, and capture the magic hidden with incredible photographs using Hipstamatic’s wild genius.

Over an hour of hands-on video lessons showing you the most important aspects of the app. Finding, sorting, and retrieving information has become a big deal in the app because of the overwhelming amount of options. These tutorials will give you confidence and ease with navigating both the ClassicMode and the newer ProMode.

Twelve specific Hipstamatic lessons with one or more combinations leading you directly to the best foundational Paks. This information alone is worth the price of admission. Hipstamatic now has over 200 mix and match options, so you need to know how to find and use the best Paks to really get the most out of this astonishing application.

Beyond these initial twelve invaluable combinations, I have included overviews of my personal favorite experimental combinations through July 2018, including the combinations that have won me museum and gallery awards. As a bonus I also sifted through the most outstanding combinations from other contemporary Hipsta geniuses, sharing their best combos from Hipstamatic’s yearly Hipstography Awards through 2017.

•Thirteen inspiring artists, highlighting both pioneering masters & contemporary experimental professional photographers.

• Six exclusive extras, surprises, and funky fun experiments potentially including Beauty Breaks, Manic Mondays, Five Minutes of Funk, Cool Tools, and Martha Moments (Miss Stewart if you’re nasty).



Practical Stuff:

I want you to LOVE this experience. Please reach out to me if you are struggling or have some questions and or concerns about the course. Awakening new levels of creative awareness can bring many things up in us. Reach out for the support you need.

There are no refunds on payments for classes and class materials, but you may transfer to future classes for comparable payments if your schedule necessitates.

Mellissae Lucia
Mellissae Lucia

About the instructor:

Mellissae Lucia is an intuitive artist with a passion for adventure. She has been creating in a wide variety of mediums since she was a child growing up in a family of professional artists in Seattle, WA. Her photos and products have won numerous awards and she is currently teaching both online and in-person workshops (see schedule below). She continues to obsessively make experimental mobile media in many forms, as well as pasting up her collaged #LuciaGraffiti around the world.

She has presented at The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego’s Balboa Park; The Palm Springs Art MuseumLETS: Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium; The Women of Wisdom Conference; The Northwest Tarot Symposium; Readers Studio Tarot & Psychology Conference; was the Keynote Speaker at The North Star Tarot Conference; and is part of the raucous Souldust crew.

She offers private one-on-one video sessions to customize the creative digital instruction to your specific inspirations, skill sets, and desires. She also offers immersive week-long creative adventures in New Mexico’s Georgia O’Keeffe Technicolor lands sharing her hidden locations for crafting extraordinary art in the otherworldly beauty of this precious and spare landscape. She is currently continuing a series of Mexico and New Mexico’s cemeteries called Decaying Devotions that have become the Santos & Signs: Holy Intermediaries for Sacred Journeys and Madonnas & Virgens: Our Lady Oracle decks.



Oracle of Initiation


Online courses: 

Deep Play Divianiation 2020 is a wild style journey to claim the only true power you have, confidence and courage with your intuitive knowing. In the course, there are exciting and fun new decks, fabulous mixed-media materials, and an active tribe of magical mischief-makers along this journey. The entire course with seven different decks sold out in three weeks this year, and the 2021 series will launch in September 2020. You can take individual courses or bundle them.

In-person courses: 

None currently scheduled. It is all online.

The Painted Body series in The Oracle of Initiation deck
The Painted Body series in The Oracle of Initiation deck

All of the images in this post were taken with the Hipstamatic app and there is no post-production work. Straight with no chaser out of the camera (a couple of them do have low-tech tools placed over the lens at the time of image-making though-easy peasy fun!). All images here copyright Mellissae Lucia 2015.

OOIFlaglerMichelleKaleidoSalvIromStandard12 copy 3


Hipstamatic lenses
Hipstamatic Lenses








4 Replies to “EVENT: iPhone Image Adventures: Master Hipstamatic’s Experimental Genius (Online Course)”

  1. Gabriel, The Oracle is beyond thrilled to be in your own deeply magical field. Your own glowing artwork speaks from realms beyond the visible (and is amazing if you all are not aware of his gifts) and I look forward to hearing how it supports your own journeys.Your question about using other devices has been something I have been sitting with since the vision for this course came through. What emerged from those contemplations was that there are layers to this offering. There will be some specific information about iOS (Apple) tools, and overall the process is about intuitive photography. When I did the Painted Body ritualistic artwork series in New Mexico graffiti tunnels those were done with a digital camera, and I have also explored analog (film) photography with different Lomography cameras (eight-eye and Holga). And hearing about your impending travels as part of this gathering made my entire body light up with the possibilities of sharing this sacred quest you guys are on the edge of with all of us.The heart of this offering is to open to the enchantment around us. Deeper connections to the land, to the spirit within everything, to our own powerful gifts and destinies. The time is for the courageous creators to weave ourselves in a sustainable, powerful, and joyful web to do the work we came to do (and have FUN doing it). This is a web building process where we inspire our own and each others instinctive knowing to create beauty that feeds us. Big love my dear and looking forward to co-creating with you in whatever form it takes. Mellissae


  2. Dear Mellisae,

    I wanted to let you know that the Oracle of Initiation arrived last week, and I am blown away by it. You have connected and bridged something extremely powerful and needed in the deck, your images and book. I feel a very strong resonation with the m and an taking my first steps in getting to know her.

    I shall let you know how my relationship with the Oracle blooms and unfolds. I know for sure that one aspect I will be working on with the Oracle’s help is centered around the Sacred Masculine as well as our human potential and future beyond gender. Thank you so much for this work and sharing it with the world. 🙂

    I also was very interested in the sound of your 6 week course. However I do not have an ï phone or ï pad, would this be a real hindrance? I have looked at the Android apps and vignette seems to be the best alternative (they even claim it has more functionality? ). Would you be able to tell me what kind of features will you focus on most? I can then see if vignette has these.

    The moment I saw your email, I immediately thought how it would potentially be great course to do with my upcoming travel and helping me to articulate my relationship and interactions with the spirits of the land and place I will meet.

    Thank you again and may you receive many blessings on your path.



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