iPhone Image Adventures Online Workshop BONUS Savings

Up to $200 Bonus Specials through 1-10-16

Treat yourself to the radical power of play in 2016 to inspire your entire life. Creative exploration opens ALL our channels of vitality, joy, and deep trust in our intuitive knowing when we have the courage to experiment and explore. Remember the last time you got so excited you felt like a little kid about to burst at the seams? This course is designed to awaken those original imaginative impulses that are the core of your deepest power. And all of this can happen easily and spontaneously when we see the world in fresh, new ways through experimental mobile photography.

There are no other workshops on the market like this combining practical tips and tutorials with constantly evolving cutting-edge information to take your digital photography skills to whole new levels. Along with teaching you how to recognize, trust, and apply your own instinctual knowing to your photography explorations we will create fascinating images along the way that will feed your deepest inspirations on every level. All images here created by your fellow mobile mojo adventurers, many who will be in the private Facebook group to share our inspirations and innovations.

For 9 days only (until Sunday January 10th) there are some SUPER DUPER BONUSES for this radically fun course with savings up to $200! Sign up for the Muse Devotee level for direct, clear messages for your Guidance Squad on what creative powers wish to channel through you now with $100 bonus joy.

For more information and to sign up go here:


What: A six-week online photography workshop capturing the hidden magic everywhere in astonishing mobile images as we reclaim the radical power of play!

When: January 17th to February 28th, 2016

Where: Online and wherever our wild Muses take us

Who: Mistress of Play Mellissae Lucia and a tribe of fellow Rebel Creative thrill seekers

Cost: Starting at just $149 to reclaim limitless power of your curious explorer within

Course Outline:

•Week One: Everyday Magic—The Democratic Camera

•Week Two: Still Lifes—Little Altars Everywhere

•Week Three: Urban Explorer—The Cool But Curious Eye

•Week Four: Wild Beauty—Nature as Muse

•Week Five: Passion Portraits—I Know You’ve Got Soul

•Week Six: Surreal Visions—Capturing the Dream

“This has been so awesome, it’s like I’ve rediscovered a forgotten sense. On days that I don’t engage with photography I feel a deep longing and … loneliness for my creativity. Quite remarkable and unexpected.”

Karen Brighton using both an Android phone and an iPod to access Hipstamatic


“With Mellissae’s suggestions for the best Paks and combinations, her workshop has been really helpful for me to cut through the overwhelming amount of Hipstamatic options. With her help I’ve been able to start taking great images immediately.”

Will Sugg on an iPhone


“I am really grateful for this course and so appreciate the opportunity to play. The more I take pictures – the more I notice how flat my world had become – like my life is being played out on a movie screen and I was just surviving. When I was in Ethiopia a couple of years ago, everything popped and everything had dimension and color… the trees, the buildings, the signs, the animals, the people. Everything was buzzing and vibrantly alive.

That experience is opening up for me again as I am being present while tapping the camera button. I look into the world around me now as an invitation to engage.  And it often does – to my surprise – and my internal landscape is shifting as well. Beauty pops all around and there is so much yet to explore. I suspect I am only scratching the surface.”

Cheryl Kyle on an iPhone


“I love not knowing what I am going to get. With Hipstamatic’s vast variety of combination I can have the innovative fun of toy cameras without the frustrations, cost, and low amount of successful shots. With the iPhone it doesn’t matter if it works or not because I can just delete the ones I do not like. This iPhone adventures series has opened up a whole new world of image exploration that is easy, playful, and very inspiring.”

Kitty Johnson on an iPhone

Never underestimate the radical power of play!


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