Tarot Professionals Blog Hop: New Divination Deck Rituals-Don’t Look!

Tarot Professionals Blog Hop: New Divination Deck Rituals

The Ghetto Tarot with the Oracle of Initiation
The Ghetto Tarot with The Oracle of Initiation and Santo Nino

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Well isn’t this fun, a little blog hop at the beginning of the New Year (for some calendars) with the Tarot Professionals tribe. This is the first time I have done this and if you are a newbie to this form there are a group of diviners who have written blog posts about how they engage with new decks. At both the top and bottom of this post you will see a list saying Previous | Master List | Next. There are links in those bolded headers and footers that will lead you to the previous and next posts along this journey, as well as the Master List that shows the entire lineup of lovely contributors. Thanks Fiona Benjamin for organizing this fun roundabout to kickoff 2016.

Welcoming a New Deck

For those of us who are addicted to oracles in card form welcoming a magical new tool into our lives is a precious moment that can never be recaptured. This deck has the potential to be a potent ally along your  journey and greeting it is like that first kiss, we do not really know what fireworks might occur, but we have decided to explore the possibilities. You have probably already seen some of the images from the deck before deciding to take the ownership plunge, but actually engaging the cards in your excited little hands is a whole different matter. Because there will never be that first time again, I strongly suggest going slowly and allowing this new friend to guide your emerging connection.

The Victorian Fairy Tarot
The Victorian Fairy Tarot

First Things First 

When I get a new deck there are a couple of things I always do. First, I thank it for coming into my life and then after unwrapping it I simply hold the cards in my hands face down without looking at the images. This does a combination of things including charging them with my energy as well as opening me to the essence of that unique system. It is a gentle, instinctual meeting that begins the calibration process of attuning our fields. Next I get a little more active with them, still face down, and start to shuffle them. Sometimes they remain in my hands for quite some time and at other times I lay them on a surface spreading them out. Next I open to the initial cards that wish to present themselves, watching for the ones that jump out or seems to make their presence known strongly. This is all done instinctually with the cards radiating their unique energies. This is a really precious opportunity to read the deck on very subtle levels. I know we all want to inhale the artwork and get on with the reading at hand, but this first sensual engagement with the pure energy of the oracle is really valuable. During workshops I have people greet their cards from the back first, jotting down the impressions they get “blindly” reading the messages. You would be amazed by how accurate those readings are for anyone at any level. Try it.

During this meet and greet a card or two usually make themselves known. This is the opener in our relationship, and I usually jot this down and take a photo emailing it to myself with the subject line indicating the initial reading with this deck so I can find it later if I wish. Honoring this new friend, I usually place these cards on an altar or a visible location and let them seep into my psyche over the next few days or weeks. Because you will have so many wonderful suggestion from the different contributors in this blog hop I will suggest a fairly radical practice here.

Do not look at all the cards. Ever.

A double exposure image of the Ghetto Tarot with The Oracle of Initiation
The Ghetto Tarot with The Oracle of Initiation

Radical Clear Blindness 

The excited one within you may ask, but whyyyyyy? Because if you have noticed, there are seasons and cycles for the cards we get, and there is deep, potent magic to that process. Over the last three decades of divining I have always noticed that people tend to get the same cards over and over again. And then a new period will come in your life and that phase offers different cards. And there is power in seeing a new card in a familiar deck. It jolts you out of your habituated ideas and patterns, allowing new neural pathways to be created. This is an essential process for expanding our intuitive capacities, and allowing your decks to lead you in their own time and way is a reverential act of divine surrender. So see if you can allow this powerful tool to reveal itself at its own pace, organically unfolding with your own journey.

Seared in Your Psyche  

It is interesting when you make your own deck because you will never have the privilege of discovering the cards over time as I suggest above. The creation of a deck is such an intense amount of work that your cards are seared into your psyche at such a core level that a lot of deck creators even dream about them. So when you do have the opportunity to take that long, languorous stroll with a new deck, discovering it’s layers over time, I say grab that opportunity and relish its fascinating synchronistic evolution. And honor all of the wild, beautiful beings who took the time to co-create these divinatory gifts we have such easy access to. It was not always this way, and we are very blessed with a diversity and quality of tools that we modern mystics have access to.

Latest Arrivals 

I have shared images from some of my experimental mobile photography work here with the last two decks that have come into my life along with my own Oracle of Initiation woven in. Although the Ghetto Tarot created by Alice Smeets and her collaborators the Atis Rezistans and Lunaea Weatherstone and Gary Lippincott’s Victorian Fairy Tarot have vastly different styles they both carry very elemental energies that have given me valuable insights on navigating my path.

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Mellissae Lucia is the creator of The Oracle of Initiation divination deck and 400-page book created in subterranean graffiti tunnels in New Mexico. The book is blessed with contributions from 22 cutting-edge visionaries including Mary K. Greer, Marcus Katz, Carrie Paris, Joanna Powell Colbert, Lisa de St. Croix, and Luisah Teish. Praise for the deck:


Voted a top fifty essential deck by Tarot Professionals Association 2014


“While the tarot is often described as the soul’s journey, The Oracle of Initiation, on the other hand, offers a journey of the Spirit. The images are haunting, spellbinding, intoxicating, instinctual.  Although seemingly personal, they touch both the ancient and universal in each of us. They are an eloquent reminder that the earth is Spirit-embodied and we are one with it. Highly recommended as a spiritual companion and tool for your journey.”

Mary K. Greer, author of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card



“Mellissae Lucia’s amazing Oracle of Initiation is one of a tiny handful of decks I keep in my bedroom, for late night inspiration.”

Rachel Pollack, creator of The Shining Tribe Tarot




“The Oracle of Initiation is one of the few non-Tarot decks whose structure actually makes sense.”

James Wells, author of Tarot for Manifestation



“The Oracle of Initiation is my favorite deck ever. I use it for all of my contemplative work, re-structuring of personality, initiatory insight and divination. It is a deck that speaks through the body and the face, through the land and the soul…by being ‘seen’ through so many faces, it does stuff to you without even trying.”

Marcus Katz, author and founder of Tarot Professionals Association 




“The Oracle of Initiation’s lure as a divination tool is undeniable, yet it’s the authenticity and wisdom of the feminine intuitive spirituality that deeply touches us all.”

Maria Yraceburu, author of Legends and Prophesies of the Quero Apache 




“This deck is a work of love, wisdom, and beauty. It will take its place among the many lights that guide us on the road to spiritual growth.”

Luisah Teish, author of Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals 


unnamed-16 copy


“Beautiful and provocative work.”

James Wanless, creator of The Voyager Tarot


12 Replies to “Tarot Professionals Blog Hop: New Divination Deck Rituals-Don’t Look!”

  1. What a wonderful exercise for the next deck I will be lucky to acquire!

    I also find the approach of asking folks from all tarot levels to describe a tarot card without looking an innovative, thought-provoking method. I may try that with other readers. What a delight.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the beautiful writing.


  2. What an interesting idea, not looking at all the cards in the deck! I have a couple of decks that are still new to me, and I’m going to try this. Thanks for sharing, Mellissae!


  3. I know for some people this is inconceivable, to not look at all those yummy new friends, but I am a mystery, surprise, and adventure gal myself so this works for me…


  4. Interesting! I’ve met decks this way, I’ve even led workshops where people use decks they do not know, but never consciously tried this myself, weaving it into an longer introduction. I’m going to give it a whirl! Thank you! ❤


  5. “Do not look at all the cards. Ever.” Powerful, thank you! This concept jolted me and is seared into my mind. I’m going to do this with the beautiful Shadowscapes deck that I haven’t looked at yet. Lovely post!


  6. Oh I JUST LOVE this radical approach! You have opened my eyes to a new way to honor the energy of a deck… by greeting it first from the backs and resisting my urge to dive in and devour all of the images first! I’m absolutely going to try this with my next deck! I don’t know if i can go as far as “Do not look at all the cards. EVER” but, I love that it makes my heart skip a beat to think about what may unfold! THANK YOU for this!


  7. Beautiful, Mellisae! I definitely need to give that a try with my next deck… though I feel like I should try this with an oracle deck so I’m not biased when it comes to the cards and so I don’t second guess myself. Thank you for sharing this!


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