Creativity Saved My Soul, Every Time

Marie Mbouni

Marie Mbouni

Creativity saved my soul, every time. 

That is my six word memoir, the distillation of my life’s meaning and purpose. I know that seems wild, that it could come down to six simple words, but when that phrase hit every cell in my body knew. I share this with you today because I am in a shakedown, a take-apart, a Tower card moment where some old ideas and patterns will no longer work. Old issues about isolation and worth that have eaten away at my sweet soul. We all have them, and at their core they are all the same issues but shame keeps us shackled to the spell that we are the only defective one. And by GOD we are not defective, quite the opposite, but the reality is we walk around carrying all of these delusion about our shortcomings and wounds. And the really horrifying thing is our current society supports this. Feeding the hungry ghosts within that will never be satisfied through our materialistic media centered culture that focuses on fear, ignorance, separation, greed, cruelty, and the idea that we are never, ever enough. Never.


Karen Brighton

And how the hell do we transform this?

How in the world do we reclaim our dignity, our confidence, our passion and power to meet those collective shadows we have fed and use their energy to heal ourselves and society? We source beauty. We source magic, we source curiosity and awe, we feed our souls through the power of our unique visions. We find the hidden signs and synchronicities all around us, we delight in the little things, we laugh and walk barefoot and let the trees wave at us. WE PLAY. When we apprentice to the deep power of play we let go of agendas, we let go of outcomes and expectations, we mess around and waste time, and FIND OURSELVES.

Maree Cree

Maree Cree

This is why my six word memoir claims my soul is saved through sourcing creativity. It truly is saved, every day. EVERY single day. When I am in the creative zone, which is quite a bit because finding the hidden magic is one of my supreme Super Powers (and it can be yours too), there is no clutching or yearning or wanting to be someone else or somewhere else. My mind loops about value being tied to how much money I make and wondering when I get some of the external societal markers of success back that blew away thirteen years ago when my husband died do not exist.

There is richness, there is inspiration, there is unshakeable power when we surrender to the delicious mysteries accessed through creative adventures. There is mastery and prowess and swagger when you hone your laser presence as you open to the subtle impulses and moments that produce amazing experimental photographs. There is communion with ALL THAT IS. And it is so incredibly fun. And it is a reason for living. And it will change your life if you open to it, becoming more fully, vibrantly, ecstatically alive.

ACR Smith

ACR Smith

And I want to share this with you. I want to take this journey into OUR creative evolution together. I NEED to be inspired by you, no longer hiding in the Mystic’s Cave alone. I have done that for most of my life and I realize I NEED you because we came here to love and laugh and share and help each other make it through. Part of my take-apart is healing my fear that I am too sensitive to stand the world’s energy and that I will not be loved and met. And I am going out on a limb, but some parts of you feels that way too (that’s how you got magnetized here, we are kin). So let’s do this together, through joy, through exploration, through CREATIVE COMBUSTION. We can change the world through the light that expands when WE embody intuitive creative joy. We become #RebelCreatives who transform the world through the power of play.

So this is a call to my tribe. OUR tribe. A call to the other brave, curious, fun adventurers who are willing to apprentice to the paradoxical power of co-creating with your Muses. And when we do it together, we will feed each others power, we will feed each others confidence, we will feed each others wild, sovereign freedom simply by radiating our own creative passions. That is how it works. You feed your flame and it inspires mine. You do not have to fix me or feed me, YOU FEED YOURSELF and it nourishes the collective creative field. I think most of us missed that memo. Must be those hungry ghosts sending us erroneous message again.

Mellissae Lucia

Mellissae Lucia

Come along for the next iPhone Image Adventures online workshop starting January 17th and uncover the wild beauty all around you and take astonishing photos of it. Learn how to use your mobile phone with the easiest, most innovative apps on the market to inspire the hell out of yourself. (and me, and US). Let the world mirror back the magic that you radiate. It desperately wants to, but it needs you to get out of your own way and become a daydream believer again who thinks the world is the coolest playground ever (which it can be). I will extend one more day to Monday, January 12th some supah bonuses on the levels with Messages from your Muses Oracle readings and the Big Magic journey that is a deep initiation into your creator within. I have done it, I am the guide who knows the shape-shifting landscape of creative liberation. Go check out my Oracle of Initiation website is you question these statements. I have been initiated, and I am offering you support in that process.


  • Discover how easy and fun mobile photography can be and start taking amazing photos immediately
  • Expand your creative confidence through daily engagements with your intuitive imagination
  • Be enchanted as you find the hidden magic all around you through your mobile camera “eye”
  • Make creativity an integral part of your everyday life, feeding your capacity for CREATIVE COMBUSTION
  • See your world in fresh, exciting ways as your photos mirror your unique gifts back to you
  • Become part of a #RebelCreatives tribe of ferociously-curious-fun-ones who want to explore the coolest playground ever together (life)

Read more about the online workshop here that you can take from anywhere in the world and invest in the one unshakable asset you have, the power of your creativity. You know in these changing times your power to innovate is the greatest resource you have. I Hope you come along for the ride, the last two series have been so inspiring. All of the photos here were taken by iPhone adventurers (and Androids can come play too, the horse photo by Karen Brighton above was taken with an Android using Vignette) in the last week. Look at what these folks are doing! Come join the party. Who knows what we will create together.


  1 comment for “Creativity Saved My Soul, Every Time

  1. January 11, 2016 at 6:24 am

    A great call out to the collective, a charge! Reminds me of Rumi: “When we come into our calling, we become bells, calling to everyone else – oh come, come into your calling.” YES! Let’s play, y’all


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