The Oracle of Initiation is Trademarked-20% Five Day Flash Sale


It will be ten-years in April from it’s enchanted beginnings, and I wanted to celebrate it’s deep mystery and magic with a five-day Flash Sale with 20% off decks and Oracle readings. Flash Sale ends Sunday, February 7th, 2016.


The deck comes in two formats, the Deluxe, limited edition, signed and numbered option and the newer Tarot-sized version. The Deluxe decks are $100 at the special rate shipped in the US and $116 International shipping. The Tarot-sized decks are $44 US/$56 International***.

For more information about the decks of the the Oracle website.

***To receive the discount on decks and readings you will need to email me at:

Deluxe Cards in New Mexico soil
Deluxe Cards in New Mexico soil

About the Oracle 

The Oracle of Initiation emerged out of a seven-year vision quest into the wilds of the desert Southwest and is a time-traveling, shape-shifting GPS for navigating these dynamic and turbulent times. It is a cross-cultural wisdom council of wise beings revealing your true, illuminated nature. The Painted Body images in the deck were created in subterranean graffiti tunnels and on the land in New Mexico and they are ancient petroglyphs come alive; dreamtime spirits offering insights and comfort as we integrate the power of our polarities.

Tarot-sized Oracle cards
Tarot-sized Oracle cards


Treat yourself to an Oracle reading as well revealing what cycles you are currently in on your initiatory path and how you can best harness the potentials in these precious shifts. Welcome the messages from your Muses directly informing the next steps to claiming and living your authentic knowing. Thirty minute phone session only $64 and a juicy one-hour reading $120 at the special discounted rates.

An Oracle reading with Cappy Thompson from MK Barr's Painted in the Desert film
An Oracle reading with Cappy Thompson from MK Barr’s Painted in the Desert film

More Information 

You can read more about the decks and sessions on the Oracle website, and three cheers for the emergence of the deck to guide us through claiming the deep power of our Rainbows in the Dark, the paradox of our greatest gifts hidden in our sparkly shadows.   (There is also a 400-page Oracle book that can be ordered directly through Blurb with a link on the Oracle site for $29.95 with contributions from Mary K. Greer, Marcus Katz, Carrie Paris, Joanna Powell Colbert, Lisa de St. Croix, Luisah Teish and many other modern visionaries.)

8th Anniversary Cover Girl on Tarot Professionals magazine (one of three limited edition images)
8th Anniversary Cover Girl on Tarot Professionals magazine (one of three limited edition images)

Voted a top fifty essential deck by Tarot Professionals Association 2014

ooiTop50TPwordswag2color copy

“Mellissae Lucia’s amazing Oracle of Initiation is one of a tiny handful of decks I keep in my bedroom, for late night inspiration.”

Rachel Pollack, creator of The Shining Tribe Tarot 

43.ReclaimPlazaBlancaWMsm copy

“The Oracle of Initiation is my favorite deck ever. I use it for all of my contemplative work, re-structuring of personality, initiatory insight and divination. It is a deck that speaks through the body and the face, through the land and the soul…by being ‘seen’ through so many faces, it does stuff to you without even trying.”

Marcus Katz, author and founder of Tarot Professionals Association


“While the tarot is often described as the soul’s journey, the Oracle of Initiation, on the other hand, offers a journey of the Spirit. The images are haunting, spellbinding, intoxicating, instinctual.  Although seemingly personal, they touch both the ancient and universal in each of us. They are an eloquent reminder that the earth is Spirit-embodied and we are one with it. Highly recommended as a spiritual companion and tool for your journey”

Mary K. Greer, author of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card

BlMadonnaCentered copy 2

“The Oracle of Initiation is one of the few non-Tarot decks whose structure actually makes sense.”

James Wells, author of Tarot for Manifestation SuzDrumOOI copy

“The Oracle of Initiation’s lure as a divination tool is undeniable, yet it’s the authenticity and wisdom of the feminine intuitive spirituality that deeply touches us all.”

Maria Yraceburu, author of Legends and Prophesies of the Quero Apache 

85520007 copy

“Beautiful and provocative work.”

James Wanless, creator of The Voyager Tarot



“This deck is a work of love, wisdom, and beauty. It will take its place among the many lights that guide us on the road to spiritual growth.”

Luisah Teish, author of Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals


And a big thanks to my beloved friend Amy F. Milder for help with negotiating the Trademark process. She is a contributor to the Oracle book as well!

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