COMPLETED EVENT: Deep Desert Magic Workshop 4-23-16


What: Explore the deep magic of the desert with The Oracle of Initiation divination deck created in the wilds of New Mexico. See full description of the workshop below

When: April 23rd, 2016 11:00am to 1:30pm

Where: Rainbow Stew-55509 Twenty-nine Palms Highway, Yucca Valley (Joshua Tree) California 760-418-5170

Who: Desert initiate Mellissae Lucia, The Oracle of Initiation and your wild mysteries yearning to be claimed

Cost: $39 until the day before the event, $44 the day of. Register with Rainbow Stew

It is just under a week until the Oracle of Initiation divination deck’s tenth anniversary. There are some amazing new experiences and specials coming up during this grand celebration, and I am so thrilled to be teaching in the desert again. This anniversary is such a wonderful marker, the maturing of a project that offers such deep and compelling shape-shifting mysteries. The deck is a GPS guide to navigating these turbulent times, a multidimensional  wisdom council revealing the hidden power within our shadows. These Rainbows in the Dark are the paradox of our greatest gifts being tempered and honed during our challenges; our light reflected through the prisms of our holy crevices.

WS64Sanctified copy 3



On April 23rd, 2016 I will be offering a workshop at the wonderful Rainbow Stew shop in Yucca Valley (Joshua Tree) California. Join us as we explore the transformational gateways that are open to each of us now. Looking forward to seeing some of you in person, it is so precious to be in the same space opening to the next steps of our journey, together.

WS46Reliance copy 3

About the workshop:

Deep Desert Magic with The Oracle of Initiation 

Exploring the startling and visionary Oracle of Initiation divination deck created in the wilds of the New Mexico desert we will delve into the Oracle’s otherworldly ability to reveal your pathway through the shape-shifting landscape of modern initiations. The deck is a hand-held wisdom council of ancient cross-cultural guardians illuminating your rainbows in the dark, the paradox of your greatest gifts hidden in your shadows.

Each image captures the spirit of a ceremonial moment, as if stepping into a dream; opening us to worlds of myth, magic, and allegory. The compelling intensity of the photographs reawakens ancient senses, enchanting us with a poetic and archetypal power.

There will be Oracle decks to use during the workshop and we will discover the power and potentials available to you now by integrating your shadow and your light. The class is from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM on April 23rd , 2016, and is $39 until the day before the class and then $44 at the door the day of the event. Bring your own favorite Tarot or Oracle deck to the class to expand your understanding of this unique divinatory tool.

Mellissae Lucia is an artist and adventurer having spent over two decades immersed in Norse, African, and Native American sacred traditions, cross-cultural divination, indigenous dream-work, and archetypal psychology. She is the creator of The Oracle of Initiation divination deck and the Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark book. The Painted Body series in the deck was created in subterranean graffiti tunnels during a seven-year vision quest after the death of her husband and there are no alterations to any of the images. The Oracle was voted a top fifty essential by Tarot Professionals Association and she is also a national speaker and workshop presenter.;

WS55Alignment copy 3

WS27Gathering copy 3.jpg

WS20Revealing copy 3

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