The Oracle of Initiation is 10 Years Old Today!


Happy Tenth Anniversary Oracle of Initiation

Created in subterranean graffiti tunnels in New Mexico by artist Mellissa Lucia, The Oracle of Initiation divination deck is a hand-held Mystery School illuminating the gifts hidden within your shadows. Filled with a glowing wisdom council of ancient cross-cultural guardians, these transcendent spirits are your devoted allies as you apprentice to deep mysteries of your own emerging power.

IMG_8153.JPG copy 3

As the deck has matured and evolved, so too have the teachings it offers. We are all apprenticing to it’s shape shifting mysteries, and on this double-digit anniversary let honor some wonderful images from the deck.



JabuAltar copy 3

 Above altar by the divine Miss Jabu.

ooiSuzycornmeal copy 2

The above altar is by Drum Medicine Woman Suzy.



Happy anniversary beloved Oracle of Initiation, you emerged to remind of us we are all temples illuminated, and I cannot wait to see what you teach us about embodying our holographic brilliance in the next ten years. ML

WS64Sanctified copy 3

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