Palm Springs Art Museum ACE Awards Ceremony

Grande Dame Peggy Vermeer

Grande Dame Peggy Vermeer

What a wonderful evening celebrating local art at the Palm Springs Art Museum. This years ACE exhibition by the museum’s Artists Council was a vibrant mix of mediums with a special honoring of Peggy Vermeer for her decades of dedication to expanding access to creativity throughout the Coachella Valley. My photograph Greetings from Palm Springs (here is the story of it’s creation with the video as the shot emerged) was also this years recipient of the Peggy Vermeer Award for Excellence-so cool! The turnout was phenomenal with the Annenberg Theater nearly full to capacity and some rousing appreciation for different portions of the program. One of the highlights was the spunky Peggy Vermeer’s proclamation that on her Bucket List was the desire to see a permanent space in the museum to showcase local artists. Yes please.

Greeting from Palm Springs

Greeting from Palm Springs

I want to thank Daniel Hogan, Mary Ann Sutherland, Tony Radcliffe and the entire Artists Council board for all of your hard work on this event and all of the other terrific programs you offer throughout the year. Gratitude to all of the people who attended the event and all the ways they support the arts as an essential component of a rich and sustainable community.

Local color Karen Barone

Local color Karen Barone

Some delightful connections were made with the other artists with an especially fun conversation with Dennis Johnson who designed the beautiful catalog. Congrats to Jim Richie for Best in Show and the jurors for choosing such an eclectic mix of pieces. Big love to the entire museum staff and volunteers for all they do and the institution itself for being one of the most sophisticated yet approachable museums in the country. I personally look forward to seeing more programing from a more diverse and youthful group of local creators in the coming years to add vitality to the offerings and I am feeling unbelievably blessed to be part of this community. And last but not least I want to thank my family for coming along, some of them escaping the waterlogged Pacific Northwest and my buddy Jackie for hollering from the back row. We need a little more rowdy enthusiasm at these sorts of events to wake us up and make us smile. Never underestimate the power of play.

Peggy Vermeer sharing her visions of a thriving creative community

Peggy Vermeer sharing her visions of a thriving creative community

P.S. Thanks to Christina Sparkle for hair and makeup and for tracking the social media outreach of the Palm Springs Art Museum.

ACE Palm Springs Art Museum

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