COMPLETED EVENT: Art as Play-Liberate Your Innocent Eye Workshops at The Palm Springs Art Museum



WHAT: Art as Play-Liberate Your Innocent Eye fun art workshops

WHERE: The Palm Springs Art Museum 101 N Museum DR. Palm Springs, CA 92262

WHEN: Six Friday nights 6:30-8:30pm (2-10; 3-17; 4-14; 4-28; 5-5; 5-12-17)

WHO: Ages 13 and up welcome

COST: $30 per workshop with all materials supplied

HOW: Buy tickets at the Museum box office or call 760-325-4490 to purchase tickets


Come reclaim your innate joy in creativity. In this fresh and fun Friday night series daydream believin’ artist Mellissae Lucia will share a variety of projects favoring the process over the product, liberating your innocent delight in expressing yourself.

When we can release our agendas and just ‘mess around’ allowing our sense of wonder to lead us marvelous things occur. Curiosity is the Muse inviting us to reawaken our inherent imaginative natures.  Attend as many classes as you wish, all materials supplied and remember to never underestimate the power of play.


February 10th  Wildstyle Words

Language is essentially pictographs assigned a collective meaning. Let’s play with the abstract potentials of these fascinating symbols in unorthodox ways to reveal the secret messages hidden in the poetics of play.


March 17th  Little Altars Everywhere

Altars are a physical representation of what we value and cherish. As children we honored rocks, bugs and marbles as the precious talismans of our world. Let’s embrace our innocent eye now and craft amusing and playful dioramas devoted to our essential sense of delight and play.


April 14th  Instinctive Expression

Our bodies are our greatest artistic compasses and invaluable instrument of play allowing us full emersion in the joy of creation.This class may get a little messy using paints and other substances so wear your grubbiest outfit and come experience art as a fully embodied endeavor.


April 28th  Dreambody Collage

Dreams come from both our waking and sleeping selves and their unusual visions can lead us down new pathways. During this class we will mine the riches of this creative treasure chest through intuitively collaging our dream figures revealing the gifts concealed in our subconscious.


May 5th  Enchanted Maps 

Thinking outside of the box with mixed media materials we will chart the real and imaginary domains that inhabit the landscape of your psyche in interesting and novel ways. These beloved locations are the realm of reveries offering clues to our earliest senses of enchantment.


May 12th  iSpy Treasure Hunt  

The world is alive with great beauty and inspiration if we open to seeing it. Using the museum as our enchanted playground either taking digital photographs or sketching impressions we will go on an adventure to reveal the objects and motifs reaching out to inspire our creative souls now.





Instructor: Mellissae Lucia is an artist and an adventurer whose greatest super power is finding the hidden magical places (and doing art there). She was raised in a family of professional artists in Seattle, WA and is currently exploring surreal mobile photography and street art.


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