Look What is Going to Paris! (Graffiti Stickers)


Valentine’s Day is one of my least favorite holidays. I think it is totally contrived and glorifies the cult of the couple when we get love from so many more places. So today I am celebrating all of the love that surrounds this Lucia Land from all of the people who inspire me daily. My beloved friend and graffiti collaborator Angelala blew me away on Saturday after I had already had a red-letter day. I was driving back to San Diego from Niland on the Salton Sea where we have pasted up some graffiti collages and called her to share stories from the day. The iPhone Image Adventure deities  were in full force offering new aerosol artist friends at Slab City and a gymnastic break dancer flipping in front of Salvation Mountain. After telling her about the cool day she blew my mind by suggesting that she print some of my digital collage images we had wheat pasted up onto stickers and tag them in Paris during her upcoming journey. This is love people; to know how much joy will be shared taking art halfway around the world. And this is what really matters, those who get us, those who see us, those who really honor us for the fullness of who we are. I cannot wait to see images of the stickers in the city that I fell in love with graffiti in. And stay posted for a new Experimental Digital Collage online course launching quite soon. You too can learn how to do your own magical images with text and video as well!




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