EVENT: Creative Digital Collage: Learn the Most Innovative Photo, Font, and Video Apps (Online Course)


What: A fun and experimental self-paced online course teaching you how to produce unique digital media with some of the easiest and most innovative apps on the market.

Where: In the comfort of your own world through the screens of your devices.

When: On your own schedule through the workshop platform.

Who: This series is for advanced beginners. You do need to have some understanding of the workflow with your devices. Most of the apps work on both Apple and Android platforms.

Cost: just $299.00 for in-depth, step-by-step instructions on how to make amazing multimedia digital art. You can also bundle this course with the iPhone Image Adventures course for just $549 for both-Saving $149!

$299 for the Creative Digital Collage Course:


$549 for both the Creative Digital Collage and the iPhone Image Adventures Course

(with the best Hipstamatic options):

Have you wanted to take your digital image and video making to whole new levels? Have you felt uninspired by the current tools you have, or are you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices when it comes to finding new creative programs? Do you dream of it being easy and fun with someone leading you directly to the best options out there? This course is designed to cut through the overwhelming app marketplace and zero in on some of the most imaginative, powerful, and effortless apps available, and you do not need to be a computer engineer to have amazing results.


In the course you will get:

  • Three main apps that work with both Apple and Android devices explored in-depth (a collage, font, and video selection) with illustrated, detailed step by step instructions for getting the best results including specific tips and shortcuts for the most innovative and fun options in each app.
  • Eight additional really cool apps that will be touched on more lightly but could become your new favorites.
  • A Best Practices section including Remix, Rework, and Reuse, and Organized Chaos-Albums are Your Allies.
  • An Interesting Materials segment including Scavenging and Hoarding, Embrace the Obscure, and Your Old School Classics.
  • An insiders view into my own sloppy sophisticated creative processes and how to expand your own creative confidence and trust your artistic eye.
  • The ability to make your own unique marketing materials for both personal and professional applications.


The Flow of the Course:

The course will start with learning how to make some really unique and sophisticated visual collages with a process that allows a tremendous amount of playful surprises to enter the experience. The next component will explore the use of text in imaginative compositions, and the third section brings together everything we have discovered to leap off into experimental video production. These psychedelic video creations can go so many different directions from subtly elegant to wildstyle kaleidoscopes. You will amaze and delight yourself with what you produce, returning again and again to these ingenious tools.

The bottom line: 

My personal bottom line as a joyfully obsessively artist is that I want my tools to be easy and fun with the potential for major experimentation. I want something that has elements of chance factored in while drawing me into deeper levels of creative exploration. I want something that has enough options to challenge me, but that is not so difficult that I give up frustrated. I want tools that help me make things that I have never seen before; things that shock and inspire and delight; things that touch our greatest artistic potentials. And I just really want to mess around and play anytime, anyplace making art with these mighty little machines we are all devoted to.

You can go to my Instagram page to see some of the videos and collages I have been making including the #LuciaGraffiti that is all digital collage.


Cultural Collage Artist:

Part of the journey will also be an insider’s view into my own creative process, perspectives, and background. I grew up in a family of professional artists and I have spent my entire life apprenticing to creative callings. I will share some of the themes and philosophies that I work with as well as unexpected places to find new and exciting materials for you to work with.






Do you want to learn THE BEST mobile photography app on the market?

This current course has grown out of the popular iPhone Image Adventures workshops that lead you on a quest to find the hidden magic constantly surrounding you while embarking on a series of photo quests. You can take the course with any device, and that said it also is an invaluable guide to the most versatile and compelling iOS photography application on the market – Hipstamatic. Sorry Android folks, beloved Hipsta is only an Apple program, but you could buy an inexpensive iPod or a not inexpensive iPad and explore it that way. Hipstamatic is truly one of the great loves of my life, so I am totally biased, but it is part of why my work goes to such interesting places. The raw materials you work with do affect your outcomes, and I think Hipsta is an essential piece of the creative digital tool kit.

IMG_3376 copy 5

The Staggering Amount of Options Now

I began with Hipsta nearly eight-years ago when it had fewer options and learned the best combinations along the way. Diving into Hipstamatic now with the intention of methodical experimentation would be nearly impossible with the over 200 mix and match potentials now available. And they keep adding new Paks every single month, which makes it a very dynamic tool, and there are simply too many options now to easily find with the best ones. In the iPhone Image Adventures course, I cut through those bewildering amount of options to teach you the very best combinations, and how to use these to come up with some really great images instantaneously that do not need any post-production editing.


About the instructor:

Mellissae Lucia is a Sunny Surrealist with a passion for adventure. She has been creating in a wide variety of mediums since she was a child growing up in a family of professional artists in Seattle, WA. Her photos and products have won numerous awards and she is currently teaching both online and in-person workshops. She continues to obsessively make experimental mobile media in many forms, as well as pasting up her collaged #LuciaGraffiti around the world.

NOTE: There are no refunds on payments for classes and class materials, but you may transfer to future classes for comparable payments if your schedule necessitates.

Online courses: 

Deep Play Divianiation 2020 is a wild style journey to claim the only true power you have, confidence and courage with your intuitive knowing. In the course there are exciting and fun new decks, fabulous mixed-media materials, and an active tribe of magical mischief-makers along this journey. The entire course with seven different decks sold out in three weeks this year, and the 2021 series will launch in September 2020. You can take individual courses or bundle them.

In-person courses: 

None currently scheduled.














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