Learn How to Take the Most Innovative and Experimental Mobile Images and Videos-Easily


I have found creative processes have their cycles. At certain times I have been enthralled with collage, or watercolors, or monotype printing, or Photo Booth pictures, or mixed-media sculptures, sometimes bouncing between multiple materials at the same time. And then there are the ones that completely take you over and you only do those for long, long periods of time. I am over five years into a passionate obsession with experimental mobile photography. It offers a combination of playful spontaneity mixed with a surprisingly sophisticated level of depth, all from our pragmatic little mobile devices. It has completely hijacked my art making – no complaints here. Because it is constantly evolving my ferocious curiosity continues to be fed. I am able to stretch beyond what I was doing last week, or last year, and miracles keep materializing in my phone. I began teaching how to do it online after some of my fellow artists asked me to show them how to do it themselves. We are now on the fourth online class that is taking things to a whole different level with the digital collaging, font explorations, and wildstyle videos. Part of why the classes have been so popular is that one of the basic criteria for my loyalty to a mobile application is ease of use. I do not want to sit inside all day trying to Photoshop one photo, I want to be out romping around taking hundreds of cool images and videos and ending up with ten fabulous ones.

The new Creative Digital Collage: Learn the Most Innovative Photo, Font, and Videos Apps course is the next level up from the original iPhone Image Adventures series. The new workshop is in development now and it will have very specific tutorials and tips on how to use my favorite creative and easy apps for iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Androids. My collages keep evolving to new levels and I am delighted that the applications in the new course are available for both Androids and iPhones. And that said, part of why my digital collages are so unique is that the base materials I am creating with are already pretty interesting themselves.The main app that you iOS/Apple folks will learn in the first iPhone Image Adventures course is truly the most revolutionary photography application on the market. The iPhone Image Adventures class can still be taken by Android users (or any other photography device) as well, for all of the creative journeys the course guides you through, and the iOS folks will get a deeper level of engagement. One of the Android using students in a previous course actually bought an inexpensive iPod to explore the rock star app. And the shortcuts and secrets you will learn in The iPhone Image Adventures class are invaluable because Hipstamatic (there I have said it!!) has grown to such a degree that sifting through the huge amount of options would be almost impossible now. There are almost 180 different combinations between the different lenses, films, flashes, and filters that they offer and I have grown along with them tracking the very best and most interesting combinations. That is why you should take the orignal course too.

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