COMPLETED EVENT: Little Altars Everywhere Workshop at The Palm Springs Art Museum 3-17-17

Glass artist Cappy Thompson’s soulful studio in Seattle, WA

I am obsessed with altars. I have been making them since I was a child and they are one of the things that make this life worth living. Creating them is a natural human instinct, the desire the honor someone or something in a montage of carefully chosen elements. They can be crafted in homes or churches, on the land or as living entities to be engaged with through all of our senses. Sometimes they emerge organically from a random combination of found object without any human influences. They are personal and political, humble and grand, magical still lifes that remind us who we are and what we value.

As part of the Art as Play: Liberate Your Innocent Eye series I am guiding at The Palm Springs Art Museum this spring, on Friday March 17th we will be building our own little dioramas exploring our essential inspirations. We will be tapping into what our child-like spirits cherish, making funky, fun representations of those joyful passions of ours. These workshops are a time to let go of your critic and focus on process over product. Feel how those zig-zag scissors cut across the construction paper, remember how fun it is to sloppily glue bright patterns into your own little shadow box. If you are joining us bring some special little objects and images to add to your own little combine.

I have included a broad offering of altars to expand your ideas about what they are from images of my families’ homes that are ever-changing collections, to the glass artists I grew up surrounded by in Seattle, to many images from New Mexico which is one big amazing earthen temple. Some of the images are of locations and events including ceremonial May Poles and cloistered little cast-glass huts at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA. Actress Tilda Swinton is a breathing altar on top of the Duomo di Milano to European chic and Hitchcockian suspense from the movie Io Sono L’amore (I am Love). There are images of Dia De Los Muertos rituals honoring the ancestors in Terlingua, TX to trees as part of the architecture at the Venice Biennale.

If you are looking for something interesting and unique to do on Friday nights in the Coachella Valley come play with the other fun explorers and see what new inspiration your naive wisdom can offer.


6:30 to 8:30 PM  selected Friday nights 

All materials supplied

$30 per session ages 13 and up

To sign up: all sessions available through the box office

or at the door the evening of the class. 760-325-4490 
Need more information? Contact Daniel Hogan 

img_4904March 17th Little Altars Everywhere 

Altars are a physical representation of what we value and cherish. As children we honored rocks, bugs and marbles as the precious talismans of our world. Let’s embrace our innocent eye now and craft amusing and playful dioramas devoted to our essential sense of delight and play.

April 14th  Instinctive Expression img_4914

Our bodies are our greatest artistic compasses and invaluable instrument of play allowing us full emersion in the joy of creation.This class may get a little messy using paints and other substances so wear your grubbiest outfit and come experience art as a fully embodied endeavor.

April 28th  Dreambody Collageimg_4926

Dreams come from both our waking and sleeping selves and their unusual visions can lead us down new pathways. During this class we will mine the riches of this creative treasure chest through intuitively collaging our dream figures revealing the gifts concealed in our subconscious.

May 5th Enchanted Maps img_4915

Thinking outside of the box with mixed media materials we will chart the real and imaginary domains that inhabit the landscape of your psyche in interesting and novel ways. These beloved locations are the realm of reveries offering clues to our earliest senses of enchantment.

May 12th  iSpy Treasure Hunt  img_4916

The world is alive with great beauty and inspiration if we open to seeing it. Using the museum as our enchanted playground either taking digital photographs or sketching impressions we will go on an adventure to reveal the objects and motifs reaching out to inspire our creative souls now.


My father Dick Weiss with Cappy Thompson in her Seattle studio with many of their collaborative platters


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