COMPLETED EVENT: Camp Souldust 2017 Merriment

Celebratory high-fives are in order. Camp Souldust 3.0 was a-maz-ing. We danced and laughed and crafted and forest bathed and kayaked and swung on big ass swings and divined and foraged and colored and made earthen altars and did polar bear plunges in Puget Sound and had camp fires with smores and ate amazing food and wrote each other magic little love letters and so many other things with a tribe of curious, playful, kindhearted souls. The only other place I have ever felt this much genuine acceptance and appreciation in a group so easily has been in ecstatic dance communities. Our true natures yearn for connection and this weekend was all about connection to self and then the expanded ability to welcome other playmates in.

Love letters

On the way to camp I was listening to one of my favorite Akashic Records readings by Jen Eramith about Healing Isolation. (You can download this message as well as many others including my favorites on the Divine Masculine, two on Soul Mates, and Social Change: Success in the Age of Light). Isolation is the core wound we are all transmuting, and the Akashic reading reminded me of the practice I have been doing on and off for many years of giving what you desire. This is a powerful energetic practice that will actually bring back to you what you perceive you are lacking. For me it has been feeling loved, wanted, and valued for my unique magic. So that means as a practice I see and appreciate the unique sparkly beauty in those around me, and I let them know it. You would be surprised how rarely we celebrate ourselves and those around us. Somehow as adults we closed up those gleeful outbursts of “I LIKE YOU!” I say bring it on and love the shit out of those around you.

Now this practice needs to be freely offered, and the return happens organically. If you are struggling with wanting others to fill you up that is a whole different situation. And we will not always be able to be fonts of joyful appreciation. Some days we just need to tend to our own souls and that light needs to be directed back towards ourselves. But when you can be the generous little bug on the playground with a wonderful new bouncing ball, who naturally wants to play with others, let er’ rip and invite all the kids to play in the yard (and we will all rock our milkshakes). Later this summer payment plans for camp next year over Earth Day weekend April 20-23rd, 2018 will be available and I hope you join us! I am already having dreams about cool artistic processes for next year.

During opening campfire I drew and Oracle of Initiation card that illustrates the need to shine our light as a gift to ourselves and the collective. Card 52, Acceptance, is about Mirroring Majesty in the other, and the guardian for the Painted Body image is the Japanese Shinto Goddess Amaterasu. Here is the text from the Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark book with a description of the guardian and then her message in italics below. Shine on my friends, and Celebrate good times, Come ON!


Amaterasu is the Japanese Shinto sun goddess. Her emblem, the rising sun, is the symbol on the Japanese flag. In her shrines there is always a mirror, reflecting back the radiant beauty we each carry. Through a challenging relationship with her chaotic brother, Amaterasu fled to a cave, denying the earth her life-giving sunlight. The eight million gods and goddesses pleaded for her to return, but only the raucous and tawdry shamanic trickster Uzume was able to lure her out. The gods and goddesses were so thrilled by Uzume’s seductive and flamboyant dance outside Amaterasu’s cave that the sun goddess decided to poke her head out. When she did, the mirror that was facing the entrance to her cave reflected back her own beauty that she had never recognized. Through that recognition, Amaterasu accepted her role as the enlightener of the world. How might you receive the beauty and brilliance of your own reflection?

The light of life, I carry the illumination of all your souls. I am the mirror of your enlightened beauty recognized, the timeless surrender to your transcendence. I am the mother of life, the carrier of the warmth of the brilliant risen sun. I know how to reflect your own splendor and power, if you let me. Open to the mirrors that currently surround you reflecting back who you truly are. Find the way back to accepting your true inheritance as a carrier of beaming inspirations. It is true. It is yours. Become it once again. 

I also wanted to give a shout out to fellow camper Erin Bruce who in her most recent email from her Seasonal Soul work was also speaking of the need to celebrate our accomplishments. This is part of shining the light back into ourselves. She just finished a new E-book and that deserves some serious kudos. Check her out, a lovely soul.

Oracle of Initiation and Transparent Oracle

During the weekend in the Earthen Altars: Sacred Offerings on the Land workshop I taught and also the night owl Oracle of Initiation session we used some other wonderful Oracle and divination decks. Here are links to the other spiritual tools: Victorian Fairy Tarot; Ghetto Tarot; Transparent Tarot & Oracle; Pagan Otherworldly Tarot;Magpie Oracle Tarot Talisman charms (currently out of stock but you can make your own set);  Oracle of Initiation both deluxe and Tarot sized. 


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