EVENT: Make Your Own Magical Oracle Deck (Online Course)

Do you dream of having direct access

to an enchanted dialogue with the universe?

The Soulspace Oracle

What if you could easily create your own deck to enter into this

 magical conversation, receiving personalized guidance and insight?

The Oracle of Initiation

Well now you CAN!

Connected and Free Oracle cards

What: Make Your Own Magical Oracle Deck Course an in-depth journey from an award-winning, professional Oracle deck creator, author, and teacher that will clearly guide you through the practical and profound steps to make you own personalized Oracle cards.

Where: Online, in the private Facebook group, and in the individual Creative Conduit Coaching sessions with Mellissae.

When: This is now an individualized process with three levels of engagement. You may start at any time. You will still be part of the ongoing private Facebook group where some good inspirations are shared.

Who: For anyone who feels the sparkly call of creating an Oracle. You DO NOT have to know the deck(s) that wish to come through you before you start. The process is designed to lead you into your inspirations, AND you also do not have to be a technology wizard to design and print wonderful, unique decks.

You will not find any other courses on the market that offer you these levels of BOTH the visionary skills of a professional Oracle mixed with the very practical production and marketing aspects of making your own wonderful sets of cards. And Mellissae’s decades of experience producing visionary projects along with her intuitive reading skills are invaluable for focusing and streamlining your own deck’s manifestation.

How: There are the options for the course, click on the Buy Now button to begin your astonishing deck making journey:


 Entire Course content and access to the private Facebook group: a one-time payment of $899.


Course Content + FB Group in three payments:  three-month PayPal subscription plan at $310 per month ($930 total).


Three one-hour Creative Conduit Coaching sessions with direct, individualized guidance on your project + course content +Facebook group: six-month PayPal subscription plan at $249 per month ($1499 total).

Six one-hour Creative Conduit Coaching sessions with direct, individualized guidance on your project + course content +Facebook group: six-month PayPal subscription plan at $300 per month ($1800 total).

Did you know the process of making your own Oracle cards

will awaken mystical gifts you did not know you had?

The intention of this process is to come out the other end with at least one unique set of cards you have created, but it is really, at its heart, a journey into liberating your creative confidence and courage. Through the six-year process of making my own award-winning Oracle, my entire sense of self shifted as I claimed great faith and delight in my own visions. Crafting your own Oracle has the potential to do this for you as well. When we embrace the liberating power of our own instinctive knowing, we liberate EVERYTHING in our lives. The process of making a wisdom school we hold in our hands demands a conscious surrender, combined with a fierce dedication to co-creatively following the signs and synchronicities that will reveal what wishes to speak through you. This is a trust walk into unleashing your hidden brilliance, and we will do it together, as a tribe of joyful, curious seekers.

Indie deck creator Lisa with her Tarot de St. Croix Devil card in her Santa Fe studio

Can you imagine the sense of sovereignty you would embody

 using your own deck with your clients and in workshops?

With the ease and availability of print-on-demand platforms, and the truly stunning accessibility of modern apps we can now produce sophisticated products without needing advanced graphic and fine art skills, or having to spend thousands of dollars to print large runs of the design. Finally we do not have to be tech-wizards to print professional, engaging, and functional sets of wisdom cards. And these customized, potent tools you create with your own artwork and symbology can be used for your own guidance, as well as for transformational processes in your professional practices.

You truly have no idea how epic it is to hold your own Oracle cards. Trust me, if you are feeling the sparkles, and that wise little voice that says, “Yes—THAT,” or the not so quiet voice that is jumping up and down hollering “OH HELL YES,” then take this course. You will not find another opportunity to be so skillfully guided through this enchanted journey by a professional deck creator into the heart of your creative visions and voices.

The Oracle of Initiation Tarot-size and The Vision Quest Tarot

It is not often that a program offers this depth of visionary training

with such practical production tips from a guide that knows both.

The six-month online course with Sunny Surrealist and Oracle of Initiation creator Mellissae Lucia will lead you through the essential stages of opening to the deck(s) that are yearning to come through you.

You can see the outline of the entire course below in this post and watch one of the videos called Messages from Your Muses (16:18) for free on the course landing page as well as my welcome video (2:32). You will need to scroll down to find the free video and log into the site (no obligation).

  • The process begins by exploring the vitality of your visions, training you how to receive the messages from your Muses and to follow the Chi to create the cards that are your destiny.
  • Next the course will explore the sacred structures of Oracles, merging form with function to start building a system that is both magical and grounded. Yes, size does matter, and shape, and the intention below it all.
  • Then the process will move into how to create captivating artwork and inspired text, mixing both instinct with intellect to craft a deck that is alive and cohesive.
  • The final two stages of the process will offer the practical information you will need to easily print your decks,  as well as how to become an illuminated entrepreneur, releasing your deck to its fabulous fate in the world.
Some of Mellissae Lucia’s products

There is no other course on the market that offers access at this price to a recognized visionary in the worldwide divination community.

Mellissae’s broad experience in the worldwide divination community will offer you a rich training in the contemporary world of divination. She shares the best decks, networking organizations, and events with the worldwide Tarot and divination tribe, as well as a wealth of artistic and design information having grown up in a family of professional artists. As a coach her diverse professional experiences offer you insights into how you will be able to take your ideas to the next level, marketing and sharing your offerings in exciting and compelling ways.

Her 18 part blog series alone on Crowdfunding decks has been hugely influential. The series shares both her own Tarot-sized Oracle of Initiation launch, and then interviews seven other indie deck creators with down and dirty numbers and strategies for funding your deck through the crowdsourcing arena. All of this wisdom and experience will be available to you in the course.

Pagan Otherworldly Tarot with The Transparent Tarot

You do not have to know what deck you will make before you begin.

The course is designed to reveal the ideas that light you up! It will offer a range of themes, artistic mediums, and structures of Oracles, allowing you to make as sophisticated or simple of a deck as you wish. And remember it is also formatted for non-techies, and there will be many resources shared for how to create the decks of your dreams with easy and accessible production options. It is truly amazing what we can do graphically now through our devices and apps.

Eames House of Cards

Some of the limitless potentials for deck themes: Sacred symbols; elements; goddesses/gods; animals; sun/moon cycles; Chakras, Tantra, archetypes; Zen Koans; inner-child; sacred geometry; cross-cultural sacred traditions; insects; faeries; dreams; essential oils; astrology; science; horses; handmade dolls; quotes; shadow and light; rodeo; Saints; angels; super heroes you make up; Muses; owls; female artists; graffiti;  iSpy altars; 70s TV show moms; pop musicians; punk drummers; Hip Hop; road trip navigation; political movements; Hitchcock heroines; romance novel hunks; dances; sacred pilgrimages…the potentials are truly infinite!


Course Features:

The course is available either through your individual engagement with the content, or with the addition of private Creative Conduit Coaching sessions with Mellissae. All levels access the ongoing private Facebook group where we share the development of our decks, supporting each other as colleagues, cheerleaders, and imagination allies. Often the tribe around you holds essential pieces of the puzzle for truly innovative concepts (it is not longer the time of the lone wolf, we must co-create to awaken our greatest potentials), and this evolving group that you will join is such a profound gift to the emergence of your visions.

At what ever level you commit to, through the Facebook group you will also have access to Mellissae’s decades of experience developing, producing, marketing, and Crowdfunding a wide variety of award-winning products, events, and courses in both the divination and fine art worlds.

Mellissae’s forthcoming Pop Punk Devotional Deck

When Can I Start?

Contact Mellissae (earthenbody@gmail.com) for more information and sign up above with the PayPal buttons! Your next deck is calling you, make that magical and life-changing commitment to bringing it to LIFE!

Lucia fulfilling a long-time dream of making Tintype photos

About Your Guide:

Sunny Surrealist Mellissae Lucia is an artist, adventurer, and Oracle having spent over two decades immersed in cross-cultural sacred traditions, indigenous divination, ancestor honoring, and archetypal psychology.

Her products and artwork have won multiple awards including The Oracle of Initiation being voted a top fifty essential deck by Tarot Professionals Association. She has taught at The Palm Springs Art Museum and The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego’s Balboa Park. She also offers online courses on experimental digital photography and collage and a Sacred Selfies course. See current online and IRL classes at the bottom of this post.

She created over 70,000 ritualistic photographs on the land for her Earthen Body and Painted Body series. The Painted Body series became the artwork in The Oracle of Initiation, with those images produced alone and nude, ceremonially painted in subterranean graffiti tunnels and in the ancient desert landscape of New Mexico.

She has presented at LETS: Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium; The Women of Wisdom Conference; The Northwest Tarot Symposium; Readers Studio Tarot & Psychology Conference; North Star Tarot Symposium as the Keynote Speaker; and Camp Souldust.

She sells her Oracle decks, books, and prints online and also offers Oracle readings as well as Earthen Body initiations in the New Mexico desert for small groups of women and non-binary genders. She also offers private immersion artistic and spiritual sessions in Georgia O’Keeffe’s hidden landscape in New Mexico. And look for her #LuciaGraffiti around the world.


Oracle of Initiation Tarot-size production proofs

Outline of the Course:

Introduction—A Joyful Journey Into Deep Play

Vitality of Your Visions—Conduit Training

Clutter Clear—Feng Shui for Your Creative Soul

Messages from Your Muses—Follow the Chi

Your Resonance—Calibration for Carrying the Project

Ritual: Commit to Your Deck

Sacred Structure—Form With Function

Stepping Stone Collector—The Magical Treasure Hunt

Explore Your Sacred Symbology—Systems and Traditions

Practical Production—Printing Options and Templates

Ritual: Commit to Your Concept

Enchanted Artwork—Dreaming With Your Eyes Open

Image Animation—Signs, Synchronicities, and Dreams

Cycles of Creation—Process and Product

Get the F*ck Out of the Way—Artwork That Is Alive

Ritual: Commit to Your Medium

Inspired Text—Instinct Mixed With Intellect

Translator and Tracker—Flowing Freestyle Verses

Magical Wordsmith—Is the Lingo Lit?

Refinement and Revisions—Harmony Between Elements

Ritual: Commit to Your Text

Practical Production—Analog and Digital

Print on Demand Portals—Evolving Options

Graphic Support for Non-Techies—The Internet Is Your Friend

Prototypes and Editing—Professional Products

Ritual: Choose Your Printer

Modern Marketing—Illuminated Entrepreneurs

Branding and Storytelling—Your Special Sparkle

Networking Mastery—Tribe Building and the Giveaway

Fate and Serendipity—Faith in the Mystery

Ritual: Release Your Deck to Its Destiny

As an Artist, Oracle, and award-winning deck creator I can personally tell you that the process of producing your unique Oracle cards has the ability to revolutionize your life. It did for me.

— Mellissae Lucia

The Oracle of Initiation


“Mellissae Lucia’s amazing Oracle of Initiation is one of a tiny handful of decks I keep in my bedroom, for late night inspiration.”

—Rachel Pollack, creator of The Shining Tribe Tarot


“While the tarot is often described as the soul’s journey, The Oracle of Initiation, on the other hand, offers a journey of the Spirit. The images are haunting, spellbinding, intoxicating, instinctual.  Although seemingly personal, they touch both the ancient and universal in each of us. They are an eloquent reminder that the earth is Spirit-embodied and we are one with it. Highly recommended as a spiritual companion and tool for your journey.”

—Mary K. Greer, author of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card


“There are people who when you meet them are simply ‘real’. They are congruent, consistent, considered, and creative. When I first saw Mellissae Lucia’s work on The Oracle of Initiation, it was obviously the product of such a person. It took several years to get to meet her, but when I did, indeed, she was a real person.

Her Oracle deck is my favorite deck ever. I use it for all my contemplative work, re-structuring of personality, initiatory insight, and divination. It is a deck that speaks through the body and the face, through the land and the soul. When laid out, the expressions, the colours, and the fact that you are being ‘seen’ through so many faces, does stuff to you without even trying.”

—Marcus Katz, author and founder of Tarot Professionals Association*

*The Oracle of Initiation was voted a top fifty essential deck by Tarot Professionals Association


“Use The Oracle of Initiation divination deck as your talisman, as your inner shaman and your holy space. Create a shrine devoted to your own wisdom, your own worship. Let yourself be guided by your own innate knowledge, your own mythology, and by your own ancestral stories. Burn free the memories of events that are no longer valuable to you, when you are no longer led by the past, you may now create your own future.”

—Jabulile Dayton, Santa Fe, NM


The Oracle of Initiation’s lure as a divination tool is undeniable, yet it’s the authenticity and wisdom of the feminine intuitive spirituality that deeply touches us all.”

—Maria Yraceburu, author of Legends and Prophesies of the Quero Apache 


“This deck is a work of love, wisdom, and beauty. It will take its place among the many lights that guide us on the road to spiritual growth.”

—Luisah Teish, author of Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals

Magic is your birthright. Photo by Brooks Kraft-Corbis for Time

Online courses: 

Online she is offering both the new Creative Digital Collage class and a six-month process on creating your own magical Oracle/Wisdom cards that combines the visionary aspects of making a deck with practical production knowledge for non-techies (the next deck making series will begin February 2019).

By August 2018 her popular iPhone Image Adventures class will be available again to guide you in finding the hidden magic all around you in astonishing Hipstamatic mobile photographs.

Look for the new Sacred Selfies course launching January 2018.

In Real Life Courses: 

March 1-4, 2019 Northwest Tarot Symposium, Peephole Portals. Portland, OR.

March 10, 2019 she will teach her How to Make Your Own Oracle Deck course though Souldust. Seattle, WA.

April 12-15, 2019 Camp Souldust. Near Seattle, WA.

September, 2019 Our Temples Illuminated, small group Earthenbody retreat for women and non-binary genders in Abiquiu, NM. Contact Lucia for more information.












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